Homemade Christmas Gifts

Homemade gifts are not only inexpensive, but show that you put the extra time and effort into making something for someone. Using simple things you find at craft stores, or around your home, you can make something and add your own special touch to the gift that’s perfect for any occasion.


Make a calendar for someone. There are several ways to do this. Using scrapbook techniques, you can decorate a calendar using pictures and other things like cut outs and stickers. Use pictures of you and the person together that apply to each month. For example, in March use pictures of you two celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

Mix CD

Create a mix CD for someone using specially selected songs. Once you select them, be sure to write out the title and artist of each song and why you chose each. Think about songs that you both listened to during a certain time or songs that have a special meaning between you two. It can be something as simple as a song you heard while on a road trip to a song that you feel describes your relationship.

Recipe Book

A recipe book containing all of your favorites is a personal and meaningful gift you can give to someone. Using a notebook with blank pages, write in your favorite recipes with little tips and hints. Attach pictures of the various dishes to the recipes.


To make interesting candles as gifts start by using an interesting container. Take an old tea cup and some old candles and melt the wax down into the tea cup. Simply add a wick to the wax and you have a candle. If you want to get creative, melt different colors of wax in different layers into a mason jar. You can insert things into the wax as well, like jewels and sequins.

Picture Frame

Make a special picture frame for the person. A blank wooden frame allows you to decorate it with whatever you want from sequins, buttons and glitter to magazine cutouts. Put a layer of rubber glue on it and then add things that make you think of the person or create a beautiful frame.

Candy Jar

A candy jar is a very simple, but decorative and delicious gift. Get an old fashioned mason jar and fill it with a colorful candy like M&Ms or Skittles. Then adorn it with a bow and it is ready to give away. Twine also makes a good bow if you don’t have any ribbon around the house. You can add painted messages to the smooth, flat top of the lid if you wish.