Homemade Christmas Gifts for Men

The right homemade gift should be tailored to the man’s interests. Make him a gift he’ll enjoy and use. While women enjoy decorative items and sentimental gifts, men appreciate practical gifts. Think comfort, usefulness and good taste when you set out to make a Christmas gift for the man on your list.

Gifts for the Traveling Man

Men who travel will appreciate a Road Warrior’s Survival Kit. Fill a Dop kit or small travel bag with small size toiletries and some homemade snacks such as spiced nuts or homemade trail mix. Add a photograph of his loved ones to remind him of the people and pets who wait for him at home.

Sew a travel pillow to use on the plane. A crescent-shaped neck pillow is easy to make following this free travel pillow pattern.

Make finding his luggage easier with oversized, colorful luggage tags. Download a free luggage tag template.

Gifts for the Man of Leisure

A fleece throw will keep him warm and cozy while he stretches out to nap or to watch the big game. Choose fleece in his favorite colors or in the colors of his favorite team. You don’t have to know how to sew to do this super-simple craft. Follow these directions for a no-sew fleece blanket.

If he enjoys building a fire in the woodstove or fireplace, a personalized canvas log carrier makes a cool gift. Cut a piece of canvas or heavy denim 30 inches wide and 60 inches long. Cut a shallow U out of the middle of each short hem. Use a cereal bowl as a pattern for the cut. Hem all around and fold over two inches at each short hem Stitch to form a casing. Slip a 30-inch piece of one-inch dowel through each end for a handle. Stencil the front of the carrier with the man’s name or initials.

Edible Gifts

Almost every man will appreciate homemade treats made especially for him. Start with this recipe for spiced nuts, a snack most men will enjoy.

Homemade cookies, brownies or chocolate dipped pretzels are other options. Package these gifts in sturdy tins or plastic storage containers. Arrange several in a basket along with a mug or beer glass, a DVD movie or a new book for a favorite author for a Dad’s Night In Christmas gift basket.

Personlize His Gift

The key to a well-received homemade gift is to make it personal. Even if you make a fleece throw or a basket of food for every man on your Christmas gift list, take the time to choose fabric in each man’s favorite color and goodies you know each one will especially appreciate. The man who receives your homemade gift will appreciate your thoughtfulness come Christmas morning.