40 High School Graduation Gift Ideas For Him

Graduation is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, but it’s difficult to get through the inevitable tears and disappointment that come with saying goodbye to high school.

That doesn’t mean your graduate will appreciate any old gift, no matter how personal or sentimental it might be–he has so many on deck already! If you’re still stumped on what he’ll like and need some inspiration, here are 40 last minute ideas that will make this momentous occasion even more memorable…

1. Charging Station For Multiple Devices

If you know someone who is graduating from college, high school, or completing any other major milestone in his/her life, there are chances that he has a lot of electronics. No one needs to tell you that today’s graduates have some seriously cool gadgets. Whether they’re Apple or Android fans, there is something for everyone on this list of the best-charging stations available.

So if you’re looking for a graduation gift idea- look no further than this charging station from Otess Store. The charging station can be used to charge multiple devices and is an easy and thoughtful graduation gift idea that can be a cool addition to any living room or bedroom. It’s also a great present for his car! Charging stations offer tidiness and simplicity as well as a neat way to keep his tech items nicely organized. The device has multiple cables so he can plug in all of his devices, keeping them ready for use at all times.

2. Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

There are so many gifts to choose from if you’re looking for the perfect graduation gift for a boy–from clothes and tech gadgets to home décor – but if you’re struggling with ideas, we can help. We found this fantastic Bluetooth speaker that is both affordable and stylish! It’s designed in retro pixel art, which means that it will fit right in with his gaming setup while getting great phone calls, too.

This speaker plays music from your Bluetooth device or by connecting an AUX wire. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts more than 10 hours when streaming music and can be charged quickly with the included micro USB cable.

3. Hand Warmers

When you’re out and about as a student, it can be hard to keep your hands warm. No matter how good your gloves are or how many layers of clothing you have, a hand warmer from Suddora will always come in handy. This is an excellent graduation gift idea for the men in your life, who might not want anything too sentimental or expensive. With this gift your grad will feel loved and appreciated on the day they receive their diploma and cross the stage!

A personalized or custom bar of soap is always a crowd favorite. If he’s really into practical items, buy him one of the Suddora hand warmers — it’s stylish and reusable! A personalized journal is also a great option for personal notes and messages from family members. Finally, if he loves fragrances, consider buying him an educational scent diffuser as his graduation gift.

4. Handheld Massage Gun

Give the graduate in your life who is done with school and ready to embark on a new adventure a gift that reflects their future. We’re talking about a handheld muscle massager. This device is compact, powerful and suitable for use on the go (or even under the desk). A small handheld massager that resembles remote control is the perfect expression of your most heartfelt gratitude and appreciation. It will also make them feel at ease as they start a new chapter in life, encouraging relaxation and good vibes all around. This handheld massage gun from Kigassenzio is a graduation gift idea for him. You can use it on your friend’s back or neck, to help relieve tension and alleviate soreness. Its adjustable velcro strap makes it easy to take with you anywhere you go!

5. Unisex Athletic Socks

If your graduate is the athletic type, they might need some socks to go along with those new shoes. But we’re not talking about just any old socks! Educational researchers have found that white socks in particular are linked to increased athletic performance. If your graduate is female, do her a favor and get her pink socks for her next game of soccer or rugby. She’ll be able to keep track of these hard-to-lose ladies’ accessories during the big game!

What’s best about these white, pink, and other colored fashionable athletic socks from Vwu? They won’t show dirt or can be ruined by bleach like those other colors. Your graduate will appreciate your heartfelt gesture! So get out your wallet and pick out these athletic socks for that future doctor or lawyer in your life. It’ll go down as one of the best graduation gifts ever!

6. Magnetic Golf Ball Marker

Graduation is an emotional, memorable milestone in life, and it deserves the perfect present. Check out our suggestion for a gift that will help your graduate feel proud, accomplished, and grown-up on this big day.

This magnetic golf ball marker from GoldAu would be a creative way to mark golf balls on the course or at the driving range. It can be used for either left-handed or right-handed players. You can choose from seven different designs to suit your tastes or even customize your own design! This gift is not only practical but also very stylish and reasonably priced at just $7.95 (plus shipping).

7. NCCA Men’s Cap

There are a lot of things that a successful high school student might want to ask for as graduation gifts. If you’re looking for something practical and useful, the NCCA men’s cap from Top of the World is an excellent option.

The men’s cap is associated with recognition and distinguished accomplishment in the field of academics, which can make it an excellent gift idea – especially when considering its low price point. With so many different colors and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that appeals to your grad! It also has been crafted from 100% cotton material which makes it durable and functional for any occasion.

8. Pro Agility Training Ladder With Carrying Bag

If you’re looking for a graduation gift idea for him, the most important thing is to make sure that the present suits his interests. There are plenty of universal gifts for men, as a set of knives or a leather wallet with cash inside, but it’s always better if you know something about him first.

This pro agility training ladder is a great option because it features an adjustable height level and available in its own carrying bag. It also includes sharp PVC rungs with rounded edges and safety clips on each side to hold the straps in place while in use. This makes the pro agility ladder a perfect gift for your pro agility dog enthusiast friend or family member who’s always on the move and needs something to hold all their obedience equipment.

9. Source Sparkling Water Maker

It’s graduation season and one of the best ways to give a fabulous gift is with a Sodastream source sparkling water maker. The Sodastream water makers are eco-friendly and easy to use. With the help of this handy machine you can make sparkling, flat, or flavored waters from any fresh fruit juice or flavor packets. We have the perfect gift idea for all your graduating friends this year!

The Sodastream source sparkling water maker is great for anyone who wants to experience something new. They come in a variety of colors and styles, making them customizable and totally personal! The stylish white machine will fit right in with any kitchen décor while effortlessly blending lasting tradition with modern luxury.

10. Unique Basketball Styled Mug

What better way to celebrate someone’s accomplishments than with a one-of-a-kind gift they can enjoy year-round? A personalized coffee mug is not just a thoughtful present, it also makes a great gift for the graduate in your life who loves coffee or tea, as well as for teachers, friends, coworkers, or bosses. And the selection of over 100 different designs means you’ll never be short of ideas! You’ll find styles ranging from truly artistic to whimsical, and each design can be personalized with any school or college name and logo.

11. Smart Coffee Mug Drink Warmer

The first thing any coffee lover needs when they start their day off is a fresh cup of joe, but not just any joe. This starts with making sure you have the right ingredients such as grounds, water, and milk, and then assembling them in your favorite mug. The process can be quite tedious because it takes time to measure out all of the ingredients and carefully ensure that you have everything you need especially if you’re always on the go. A smart coffee mug from Bestinnkits is an excellent start! It’s a great idea to give this as a present to your teen or college student on graduation day plus it’s also perfect for Father’s Day. They’re not just for coffee, either — they can work with any hot drink and help keep drinks warm to the perfect temperature. The mug warmer is portable and has a mini USB rechargeable battery that provides long-lasting heat, reaching up to 80°C/175°F in just 45 seconds without any need for a flame or stove connection.

12.Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

Whether you are looking for a gift for a grad, dad, husband, or son that he will love and use all the time, this Hamilton Beach electric indoor searing grill is a terrific graduation gift. It is designed very specifically to allow you to create delicious meals quickly and easily by using convection heat technology. If he’s someone who stays busy so much that he doesn’t have time to cook or doesn’t have any friends with their own kitchens, cooking food will be easier with this grill. The grill is perfect because it takes the hassle out of grilling by making it easy, fast, and fun. It’s one of the best gifts you can give anyone who loves to cook or just likes a good steak.

Everyone deserves to be able to enjoy delicious, healthy grilled food indoors and the Hamilton Beach electric indoor searing grill makes this possible.

13. Portable Book Stand

A portable book stand from Wishacc is the perfect gift for a graduate that loves to read. So if you are worried about spending too much money on your graduate but still want to give them something they will use, this gift is perfect! In terms of size,  it’s not too big, not too small and an ideal knee-high height. It also comes with a complimentary carrying case that can be used as a book cover when transporting to other locations. This allows the graduate to simply carry their favorite reading material around in style!

In addition to its attractive design, this stand provides protection for your books or PDFs from fingerprints and scratches. It also remains steady on any surface which allows you to relax when reading without having to worry about whether your book will wind up on the floor if you lean back just right.

14. Professional Music Stand Light

Graduation is one of the most important days in a person’s life. It is the day when you start your journey towards building your career and seeing what you can do with your life. The most essential part of graduation, which cannot be missed, is to accept that momentous day with all the happiness and grace it deserves by doing something symbolic towards yourself and others. As a gift for his graduation ceremony, there are few ideas as impactful as a professional music stand light from Vekkia.

The gift of a Vekkia music light will help the recipient see what’s on their music score sheets and offer just enough light for their work without affecting the color of their performance hall. This is a great gift for any member of an orchestra or band because it will help them perform better with less distraction. It’s also an excellent choice for any pianist who wants to avoid problems such as eyestrain and headaches while performing late at night. In short, this is an excellent way to show your appreciation for someone’s musical ability!

15. 4-1 Dual-Use Music and Desktop Book Stand

Buying a graduation gift for your son can be challenging and difficult, but this one has been pretty popular lately. The 4-1 music book stand is the perfect item for your child’s next graduation party or class celebration and lets them enjoy their favorite tunes in style.

The 4-1 dual-use music and desktop book stand is made from durable plastic, foam rubber, and metal parts that are lightweight yet sturdy. It includes a great carrying bag, projector stand, tablet stand as well as free tips on how to use it by watching the quick video on their website or YouTube videos on how to set up different types of shelves with it. This product also meets all international safety standards (e.g., UL). We think it’s an excellent choice for anyone who loves music or books! Click here to see more details about this product from Cahaya

16. Whistling Kettle

What is the best way to show appreciation and celebrate a hard-won accomplishment? One of the most popular answers is “give them a gift!”

We all know graduation is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of those who have been stuck in school for so long and it’s also a time to set up your new life as an adult. But what you might not know how important it is for your loved ones to make sure you’re prepared for this life-changing event. Here is a great graduation gift idea that will be sure to make him (or any other recent graduate) feel truly special on his big day – a whistling kettle. This little beauty can heat up a cup of water in an instant so it’s perfect if your grad is craving a hot cup of tea or want to make his morning pot of coffee faster than ever before.

18. Matty’s Toy Stop Deluxe Giant Wooden Dominoes

Of all the sweet reward ideas there are for a graduating high schooler, one of the most popular is to give them something they can enjoy for years to come. We have a suggestion that will delight any teenager’s heart— our wooden dominoes from Matty’s Toy! These handmade dominoes offer a level of quality and style that is unmatched by poorly-crafted store-bought sets.

This wooden domino set is perfect for the family and great as a graduation gift idea for your grad too. The set includes 28 solid wood dominos with different numbers from 1-14 on them, in a convenient plastic case that can be easily thrown into a backpack or bag when they’re needed! And even though this set doesn’t include double-digit dominos, it will still please players of all skill levels. This clever gift is perfect as an individual present or combined with other gifts as part of a graduation party ensemble.

19. All-time Classic Microwave S’mores Maker

S’mores are a classic treat, but it can be difficult to make them on a camping trip or when you’re away from home. This microwave S’mores maker makes the process of roasting the marshmallow and melting the chocolate foolproof — no more charred marshmallows or caved-in graham crackers! Plus, for their upcoming graduation, your loved one will love this as a gift idea.

This easy-to-make innovation is ideal for any occasion and can be used for fun snacks or desserts. You’ll never want to make the traditional S’more again after trying this novel gift idea! It is an all-time classic that’s perfect for graduates as well as people who are always on the go and don’t have time to stop every time they want a sugary snack. This is it! The perfect gift idea for your soon-to-be college grad that won’t break the bank but will be used every day far after commencement.

20. Lala Dolce USB Rechargeable Book Lamp

Congratulations on your loved one’s graduation! They have persevered through four years of lectures, tests, and tedium to finally achieve their goal. Why not spend the rest of this long weekend exploring this graduation gift idea for him and get the perfect present?

The Lala Dolce USB rechargeable book lamp is just one option. This sleek lamp has a variety of features that make it perfect for an office desk or nightstand, with a convenient USB port so it can be charged with any phone charger or computer’s USB cord. Available in black and silver finishes to match any bedroom décor, Lala Dolce is also available personalized with laser engraved initials as a thoughtful graduation gift idea for him.

21. Training LED Light Pods

Everyone knows someone deciding to use their graduate school tuition and reward themselves with a new hobby. Do you have a creative friend or family member who deserves to pick up an exciting new hobby? Get them this BlazePod kit as an awesome graduation gift idea that they’ll love!

It contains LED lights and reflex training pods so they can have fun getting better at performing gymnastics exercises, dance routines, and even martial arts moves. Pick your school colors for an added personal touch! These are priced at $299.99-399.99 which is on the low end for other similar products, but it’s worth it considering how high quality these are compared to cheaper models available elsewhere.

22. Insulated Cooler Backpack

Worried about your child’s summer camp and their favorite backpack leaving them hot and sweaty because of the unnecessary items it’s carrying? Take a look at this insulated cooler backpack from Tourit, which keeps their phone, drinks, snacks, and cooler for up to five hours!

This college or high school graduation gift is going to be perfect for them to enjoy long after summer vacation. It’s so light that they won’t even realize it’s in their backpack until they need it! The insulated cooler backpack is perfect for summertime activities like hiking, fishing, bike riding, and more! It’s inspired by the classic American outdoors gear of past decades that still looks great today.

This key item have been made of 100% insulated material with modern features like ventilation slots and dry zippers for all-day comfort no matter how much you exert yourself on your adventure. What makes this bag so great is that it has extra-thick insulation, which will keep drinks hot or cold for hours at a time.

23. Decorative Door Stopper

There’s a saying: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” This means that it pays to hold onto something valuable when you have the chance. Now that graduation time is fast approaching, why not give your graduate a present he will appreciate for years to come. Maybe — just maybe — it can be a door stopper from Tregoer as a graduation gift idea for him?

In this decorative tiger-styled door stopper, you will see the good design and taste. This door stopper guarantees it is suitable for every place in your home or office. The appearance is simple yet charming which makes it easy to clean with a dry cloth or rag.

In addition, this door stopper is sturdy due to its high-quality rubber material which can withstand up to 12KG weight capacity. Plus, it’s super cool-looking! If you’re looking for a graduation gift idea for him that would help them in his dorm room, this might be just what you’re looking for.

25. Umbra Trigg Diamond-Shaped Wall Vessels

Graduating from college is hard work and individuals in your life should be rewarded for their years of dedication. One gift idea to consider is the Umbra Trigg’s planter vase set. This is a set of two geometric design wall vessels that are perfect for small potted plants and succulents, which makes them an elegant yet affordable graduation gift idea.

The set includes modern indoor planner for displaying flowers, herbs, and succulents indoors or out, and plant starter kit which comes in a secured box for green thumbs who want to get growing right away!

26. Table Lamp

If you’re wondering what to buy for a graduation gift, consider giving a double head table lamp as an high school graduation gift idea. This is the perfect surprise graduation gift that they’ll love!

This double head table lamp which also foldable is an ideal way to light up the room and make sure your graduate doesn’t have to strain their eyes at night. It features two warm bulbs that can change color or simply take up five different shades of light. One way of giving this presentation is by putting it on an engraved card that reads “sweet dreams” with a picture of two elephants walking side-by-side on it.

Whether they are starting a new job, moving into their own place, or simply on their own for the first time in their life after living at home while they went to school, they will appreciate this innovative and affordable gift.

27. Walnut Headphones


A lot of people that live in dorms or have to share an office space gravitate towards wireless headsets because they don’t want to hear what the person sitting next to them is talking about. If you are going out of town for work, having a wireless headset will be your best friend if you expect to talk on the phone while traveling.

It doesn’t matter if your high school graduate is in their late teens he will be excited to receive a thoughtful graduation gift like a Meze headphones that doesn’t come from a card and box store. The wooden headphones with a mic have become one of the most popular items in the world given their high fidelity, crisp sound quality, and sturdy design.

They look great paired with his favorite outfit and they sound fantastic whether he’s listening to music or watching Netflix on his computer at home.

29. Simulating Large Shrimp U-Shaped Pillow For Home Décor

One thing that your son or nephew is sure to love is this exciting new line of ‘stimulating large shrimp u-shaped pillow’. Even if you don’t know much about shrimp pillows, you’ve likely seen one on your friend’s Facebook or Instagram feed. Graduation is a big milestone in life, so why not celebrate it with a gift that will make your gift recipient happy every day?

This u-shaped pillow is a buy to keep as an accent piece in any home. Made from cotton and polyester, this pillow goes anywhere you need it. It has its own beautiful shape, which is perfect for placing on the deck or patio furniture. That’s right – this pillow will fit nicely wherever the party happens to be! It can also make for a fun new décor piece if you’re looking for some extra color…

30. Mini Waffles Maker

A mini waffles maker is a fantastic graduation gift for any man who has recently graduated from college or high school. It’s a great way for them to indulge in their favorite sweet and savory waffle, mimicking the popular frozen treat. Not only does this machine make delicious waffles but it also comes in handy when he needs breakfast on the go and doesn’t have time to make anything at home.

This small machine can be used in any kitchen and will allow him to make his very own, personalized waffles. The best part about this gift is that he will never have to worry about making a mistake on a recipe because the instructions are all on the side of the machine. Plus it saves him money because he can make his own batter in bulk then store and reheat them as needed.

31. Beard Trimmer By Bevel

A lot of guys just have one thing to say when sentimentality gets in the way: “I wish I hadn’t grown that stupid beard.” If you’re thinking about getting them something for graduation, here is a beard trimmer for a grad gift idea. They won’t leave home without it!

Bevel’s newest 360-degrees non-slip handling beard trimmer is a stylish and durable trimmer with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 8 hours of cordless power.

32. Musical Instrument Synthesizer For Computers and Mobile Devices

For most musicians, there are few things more satisfying than playing their own song or at least making some noise on their favorite instrument (like the music from outer space). It’s a deeply personal experience that can put you right in your own headspace.

For a musical instrument, the Otamatone is a little bit odd. Your typical folk musician would be more than happy with an acoustic guitar or even the ukulele. But the Otamatone is an audio synthesizer—and it’s designed to look like a cute, stubby animal toy!

It is a beautiful instrument that requires no experience in playing music or any training at all! This simple device comes fully assembled and sounds like you are playing a real instrument but it’s not noisy or annoying because there is no noise made when you operate the device!

It has 24 different effects including 3 built-in filters for creating your own style of sound. This unusual instrument can enable you record on your computer or mobile device and will make any music lover’s graduation extra special. The best part? The Otamatones are surprisingly affordable, too!

33. Ellipal Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

A traditional graduation gift is money on a card, but the process of handing over cash can seem impersonal. This year, go with something that’ll give your graduate a tangible token of your appreciation and boost his security. Consider an Ellipal cryptocurrency hardware wallet as a perfect graduation gift idea for him!

The Ellipal cryptocurrency hardware wallet is not only a safety device to store your cryptographic private keys, but it also comes with a nifty light indicator that lets you see transaction confirmations and safely manage multiple devices. No need to worry about losing connections, download speed limitations, or being forced to send coins from another computer!

It’s perfect for any kind of situation: having a dedicated device for financial security purposes, as an educational tool in the classroom, or as an affordable gift for him. When you give an Ellipal cryptocurrency hardware wallet to someone, you’re giving them an incredible device that will make their crypto holdings safer from hackers and thieves.

34. Sound Control Music LED Strip Light

Getting an undergraduate or postgraduate degree often takes years of hard work, determination, and sacrificing other opportunities in order to focus on academics. It’s that knowledge that makes this graduation present from NC an amazing way to say thank you for their dedication and commitment.

Your high school graduate needs something that is practical, yet also shows your appreciation for all the hard work he put in. Furthermore, it’s always good to show him that he has someone rooting for him and who thinks about him even when he’s miles away from family or friends.

With this gift on Amazon, you can turn any room into a party zone! The best part is that you get to choose their favorite colors. So if you know someone who loves to party? This would be an ideal graduation gift for them.

35. USB Digital Microscope

Graduation is the time of year when high school seniors get their diplomas, parents, and grandparents celebrate with the rising generation, and young adults begin to build a life for themselves.

It’s also a time when college students are receiving their USB digital microscopes as graduation gifts from proud parents or grandparents. Microscopes are now a multi-trillion dollar industry that has left its mark in many areas of commerce, manufacturing, agriculture, and research.

You can get one of these from Jiusion at pretty much affordable price point and this device is sure to be an instant hit. It will give the graduate a plethora of new possibilities, from finding new ways to enjoy their family holidays to observing the world around them in fascinating detail. This gift idea can also make a wonderful gift for someone who does not know what they are getting as it will be totally unexpected!

36. Sparkling Glass Champagne Flutes

If you’re looking to buy your son or daughter a graduation present that will make them feel like they are celebrating their attainment of a milestone, try to find something that will last for the rest of their education and life. Buying them really nice graduation party supplies is a good idea, but it won’t last as long as an educational gift.

Perhaps one of the most sensible gifts for your child would be sparkling glass champagne flutes with gold-rimmed edges. These Epare’s new sparkling glass champagne flutes are perfect for any graduation celebration. The glasses have a unique design and will make for a wonderful addition to anyone’s home or office. Available as a beautiful work of art, these glasses make up an eye-catching centerpiece on any table or desk.

37. Mini Crum Vacuum Cleaner


No more running out of vacuum plugs, no more expensive attachments, just clean floors and a smile on his face. The mini crumb vacuum cleaner from Finelnno is the perfect graduation gift for a dad or a man who loves to keep their house tidy.

This hand-held suction tool has all the same features as other popular brands but with an affordable price tag that’s sure to make your friends and family green with envy. With a durable reinforced steel body and handy long cord, it’s easy for this man to get his job done without stopping any time soon.

38.  The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

For a graduation gift for the chef in your life, look no further than this chef cutting board. This cutting board will be the perfect gift for a late-night snack or an evening meal with friends. The graphics of this cutting board are fun, bright, and unique which makes it the perfect addition to any kitchen!

Its beautiful image is sure to inspire new culinary ideas and so much more! Plus this product is great as it makes preparing food and cooking simpler and more efficient! This cutting board is made of wood which is both durable and environmentally friendly. So give him his own personalized gift he can use every day. Snap up one today while they’re in stock!

39. Versatile Kikkerland BQ Suitcase

When it comes to gifts, there are plenty of practical and fun options to choose from, but this portable charcoal BQ suitcase made for travel might just be the best one.

The portable charcoal BQ suitcase by Kikkerland is an all-in-one cooking station that can cook up a steak or barbecue some ribs. It has a six-inch grate with twenty-four briquettes, and the lid doubles as an oven. It comes with two warming racks and a full cooking grate for grilling fish or vegetables.

It is lightweight and offers plenty of features, while still operating as a budget-friendly option with a pocket-friendly price at $46.61. It also comes in two stylish colors: black and red to match any style! The handy top handles are great for lugging the bag around on campus or traveling on trips. It’s a great way to grill your food wherever you’re and accommodates cooking for two people.

40. Rapid Egg Cooker

The Dash egg cooker is the ideal gift for the perfect boyfriend. It’s a sleek, elegant take on an age-old cooking accessory that can cook up to four eggs in just six minutes. As your special someone begins his culinary journey with this special egg cooker, he will learn important hotel-cooking skills of making breakfast for you and your guests.

This Dash oven is also great at baking bread, cookies, pies, and pastries as well as roasting meats and vegetables. Your gentleman won’t have to worry about his culinary talents plateauing because of this high-quality appliance.


So that concludes our list of high school graduation gift ideas for him, for any occasion and any budget. Hopefully, this post has made your decision a little bit easier, and has helped you find the perfect present to show just how much he means to you!