Hand-made Tag Projects for Scrapbooking, Card-Making & Gifts

The paper crafter is often crowded with exciting, inspiring ideas for card-making, scrapbooking from magazines, TV programs and Internet craft websites. But who could possibly have the time to try out all the suggestions? The answer is tag making.

Tags, Brads, Beads and other Embellishments

Creating tags of any and all sizes allows a creative craftsperson to undertake a project that can experiment with new paper embellishments, colored paper, beads, brads, photos, stamps and any other exciting trims that can decorate craft projects.

A crafter usually chooses specific colors and designs to suit his or her own typical style. However, tags offer a dare to do and use materials not usually worked with by the maker. Papers and decorations that sit unused in a craft box because they are not particularly liked by the owner can be used in tag making, expanding the choices, and touching a creative side of the designer that may not have been made for an expensive or expansive project.

What are Paper Tags used for?

Completed tags can be used:

  • to attach to gifts,
  • for scrapbooking projects,
  • for school projects for kids,
  • for social groups of all ages to create
  • to attach to creative cards,
  • to decorate a picture frame,
  • to create a poster for a kid’s or teen’s bedroom
  • to categorize items in a cabinet or closet.

Themes for Tag Making

A project in tag making, which can also be a great idea for ESL craft lessons, kindergarten kids, art classes, can be incorporated into lessons on themes, such as:

  • Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day,
  • Christmas, Easter, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or any festive holiday
  • Family themes, divided into sets of men, women, young and old
  • To suit a specific scrapbook, such as a vacation, baby, or wedding

Ideas for Paper Embellishments for Tag Making

Websites abound with ideas for tag making. How-to videos are many on YouTube – just search for tags, tag crafts, how to make tags, and a large list will appear to choose from. Looking through scrapbooking ideas in books, or going to large craft stores and searching through the aisles for books and ideas to copy are only some of the places to visit to be inspired.

The delights of tag projects bring much pleasure. And what craft offers an assignment that is quick, easy, highly creative, and leave the crafter with an item that can be useful? So many craft projects, while fun, are merely stacked in cupboards afterward. Tags can be saved for future gifts, or used to decorate and label items in the home and add to the flair and personalization of a space.