Great Gifts for Graduating College Seniors

Flowers, party hats, and novelty mugs are all fun gifts that could easily put a smile on that graduating senior’s face. However, these gifts won’t help him get farther in life. Graduation is a time of change and new beginnings; so try buying gifts for graduating seniors that are needed rather than just sentimental. Here are a few gifts that will help that graduating college senior take advantage of her new start.

Business Clothes are Important for a Graduating College Senior

It’s not uncommon to see a college student show up to class in sweatpants and a hoody. Unfortunately, that kind of garb will not fly in the workplace. Help that senior graduating college start off on the right foot with a few gift cards to clothing stores specializing in business fashion. Macy’s, Express, and Banana Republic are just a few mainstream stores that sell business clothes for both men and women. A graduating college senior will need a suit for interviews as well as a full wardrobe to help him get through a full week of nine-to-fives. Graduating seniors will appreciate not having to spend their own hard earned money on a new work wardrobe.

Graduating Seniors Do Not Own Dorm Furniture

Many graduating seniors have spent the past four years of their lives in a college dormitory. Those that had their own apartments likely furnished their rooms with hand-me-downs or used furniture found through college networks. However, entering the adult world means having an adult apartment. A great gift a graduating senior is a gift to a furniture store such as Ikea or Crate and Barrel. Gifts for graduating seniors that help them get rid of ripped couches or help graduating seniors to stop using cardboard boxes as shelves, will certainly help them enter the adult world.

One Last Hurrah for a Graduating Senior

Another great gift for graduating seniors is a trip to somewhere special. College students are used to having a month off during the winter and a spring break in the spring. However, she’ll no longer have those luxuries once she starts her job. So help finance a trip somewhere special as that graduating senior won’t have too many chances to see new places once his job starts.

These are just a few gift ideas for graduating seniors. Obviously every senior is different and has different life goals. The best gift is one tailored to the graduating senior’s individual tastes. However, very few graduating seniors will turn down gifts of clothes, furniture, or travel.