Graduation Scrapbooking Ideas – Scrapbook Gifts for Graduates

There are many scrapbook ideas that make perfect high school graduation gifts. Graduation is a milestone in a teenager’s life and this is a time when they will both be looking back as well as looking forward. Scrapbooks are ideal gifts as they can combine both important information for a teenager as they move forward in their lives along with precious memories.

Scrapbooks ideas for a high school graduate include:

High School Memories

A book of memories can make a thoughtful gift. This can include photos, mementos and keepsakes plus written memories of special occasions and achievements during high school. While this may take a bit of planning, it can often be surprising what small snippets of information or keepsakes can be found to include in such a scrapbook.

Friends and Family Book

A friends and family scrapbook makes a fun alternative to a plain address book or diary, yet it can also carry important information such as addresses and telephone numbers. Each page can feature a photograph of the friend or family member along with useful information. A birthday date chart is also useful. As the teenager becomes more independent then this sort of information is important to help them maintain their family bonds.

Family Recipe Scrapbook

If the high school graduate is about to leave home or go to college, they may be catering for themselves for the first time. A scrapbook that contains favorite family recipes is a thoughtful gift. This gives the teenager a ‘taste of home’, while also giving them useful recipes. Photographs of the finished dish or of the dish being eaten in at a family gathering can help to make this even more personal.

Tips for Making Scrapbooks for High School Graduates

Here are some tips for making successful scrapbooks for high school graduates:

  • As this is a milestone in the teenager’s life, making reference to the ‘next step’ or leaving some blank pages for them to include their own information can be useful.
  • Consider digital scrapbooking. This can be an attractive option for the computer-savvy teenager and this is easy to update. Digital scrapbooks can also be shared online.
  • Include plenty of humor in the scrapbooks. While this can often be a sentimental time, a teenager is likely to appreciate humor and a light touch rather than a scrapbook that is too serious.

A scrapbook that contains both memories and useful information for moving forward is a lovely way to mark this special milestone in a new graduate’s life.