Giving the Gift of the Written Word: Inexpensive and Heartfelt

There are many ways to give the gift of the written word. It is a nice gesture for any occasion- a birthday, Christmas, or even an anniversary. And, presenting a present that you have put so much thought and effort into will surely touch the heart of the recipient.

Create a Collection of Quotes and Memories from Friends

This project will certainly turn into a memoir that will be loved and cherished. To put this together, you will need to recruit a little help. Have all types of people who know the recipient write down something about the person, or a memory they have of them.

It is a good idea to provide paper to the writers, as you will want the look of the quotes and memories to appear uniform. You may even want to provide a special type or color of ink to be used. Once you have collected these statements, put them decoratively into a scrapbook. Be as creative as you want to be. You may even want to choose a theme for the book- perhaps a hobby or destination the recipient loves.

Alternately, you may want to have the quotes and memories published in a real book. Doing a search in your favorite search engine will likely uncover several publishing companies that fill orders for individual books. This option is good if you have extra money to put into the gift and/or you are not up to being particularly creative.

Writing an Acrostic Poem

Writing an acrostic poem about a loved one is also a fun and inventive gift idea. Acrostic poems are poems that use a base word to create several descriptive words about the subject. Basically, what you will need to do is write the recipient’s name down a sheet of paper, making sure that each letter has its own line. You will now need to think of an adjective that starts with each letter that describes the person you are writing about.

Once you have the poem written and polished, you may want to write it out in a computer program. Any word processing program will be fine for publishing your poem in a polished way. A more elaborate publishing program can add some color and style, if you have access to one. Once you have the poem the way you want it, you can print it out. It will them be ready to frame.

Creating either one of these gift ideas will really get you thinking about the recipient. Spending time on a gift this way can cause you to remember what you value about the person. And, those sentiments and the care you put into it will shine through in the finished product. It will be a gift you both will admire.