28 Gifts for Your Boyfriend’s Dad for This Fathers Day

Your boyfriend’s dad can be a significant figure in his life, and it’s important that you get him a well-thought of gift.

This list of awesome gifts are perfect for Father’s Day. Some are unique choices while others are fun and memorable presents. 

1. Philips Norelco Shaver 7100

The Shaver 7100 is an electric razor with a sophisticated design and innovative features. The shaving heads are equipped with comfortable glide technology which reduces skin irritation – the shave is quicker and closer with fewer passes over the facial skin area. This men’s shaver has the longest-lasting battery in its class, giving you up to 60 minutes of cordless shaving before needing a recharge. It comes with both a precision trimmer and floating head technology that ensures a clean cut every time.

2. Comfier Full Back Massager with Heat

This seat massager is an ideal gift if he’s just too tired when he gets home.

If you’re looking for a massage chair pad that is both comfy, supportive, and customizable, then this is the best one on the market. Featuring 10 Massage Nodes, this massage cushion has a 2D Shiatsu massage mode and a 3D Shiatsu Massage Mode. It also has heating elements built into the headrest.

When you’re getting a back massage on this swivel chair cushion, you will be able to actively relax and treat muscles that are tight and sore. 

3. Grounding Mat & Foot Massager

Here’s another great massage idea to reduce your boyfriend’s dad’s foot aches. 

The mat is a grounding device with an electro-magnetic field which helps alleviate fatigue. It treats a myriad of pain problems, from sleep disturbance patterns to inflammation, treating all kinds of sitting injuries from the feet to the waist.

It is suitable for people of all ages, including children and pregnant women  

4. Multitool Kit with Hammer Pliers

Being the true handyman he is, your boyfriend’s dad will really appreciate this gift.  It is convenient for use for a myriad of problem-solving tasks on small or even bigger jobs involving DIY, home improvement and carpentry. 

It’s made with high-quality stainless steel and boasts a heavy-duty hammer as its main feature. It’s rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, and is both easily portable and lightweight and comes in a handy pouch.

5. Personalized Engraved Wooden Watches

Fodiyaer Engraved Wood Watch for Men Boyfriend Husband Him As Personalized Anniversary Christmas Birthday Father Day Woode...

 Is your boyfriend’s dad an avid watch collector, does he have one of these in his collection? A wooden watch is a great masculine fashion statement whether worn with casual clothes or a business suit.

It is healthy, lightweight and comfortable on the wrist. This watch will run accurately; with an imported Japanese quartz movement. It has a personalised engraving on the back, which will remind him of you every time he wears it. 

6. Men’s Leather Wallet

This slim-line leather wallet is printed with a special message from you, reminding him of what he will always mean to you. The bi-fold design boasts enough space for ID and credit cards, coins, bills, receipts etc. 

It comes equipped with an RFID blocking mechanism which will prevent the theft of your personal data and keep your cards safe.

Does your boyfriend’s dad like to entertain friends and family at his home bar? This whisky decanter set will always remind him of you. It is made by the company Royal Vintage known to bring timeless luxury and an elegant feel to any bar situation.

This uniquely customised decanter set comes with two bottom weighted glasses and four whiskey stones to provide an unusual drinking experience. A one-of-a-kind decanter set, for a one-of-a-kind man!

8. Dad Keychain

Key chains are simple, but useful gifts because many dads have more than one set of keys. This is the perfect choice from your boyfriend for dad to keep his DIY lockups safe. 

The item is made of stainless steel which is long-lasting and durable and is nickel and lead-free.

9. Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller

There is nothing worse than an expensive bottle of wine and a pesky corkscrew opener. Here is our solution to your problem: an Oster rechargeable and cordless wine opener in combination with a chiller. 

This luxury design includes all the extras like a foil cutter, soft-grip handle and thermal stainless steel wine chiller. This device makes wine drinking look so easy-easily removing the cork at the light touch of a button. What could be a more thoughtful gift for your boyfriend’s dad with all those wines waiting to be tasted? 

10. Apple iPad Air 2, 16 GB, Gold, (Renewed)

Is your boyfriend’s dad not exactly the techie type, who doesn’t like to throw money at expensive technology?

Many people avoid buying these products because while not as expensive as the original, they do come with a price tag and only a 90 day guarantee. However, they are tested and cleaned by experts who refurbish them.

It’s ideal as a gift for someone who wants to dip their toes into the world of Apple but doesn’t want to do so at great expense. This is a very lightweight, relatively inexpensive way of getting started with Apple, but interesting enough to try it out.

11. Tervis Fishing Lures Tumbler

Is your boyfriend’s dad one of those guys who would go fishing every weekend if he could? Here’s something to remind him that you’re happy he has found the sport of his dreams. A piping hot cup of coffee, or other hot drink which does not rapidly cool in the cold lakeside air, is a great addition to a fishing trip.

Unlike many tumblers it’s transparent, which means you can always check up on the beverage levels.

12. TESLYAR Wood Phone Docking Station

This organiser which includes a phone docker and various design compartments for watches, keys, glasses, a pen, money etc,  is something your boyfriend’s dad will love to keep by his bedside.

There is nothing better than always finding what you need in the same convenient space every time. The design is made up  by expert artisans of dark solid Ash wood with a charging station for your cell phone. 

The surface is polished with a durable finish, making it both strong and sturdy. For the dad who has everything, a cell phone docking station and organiser might be just what he needs!

13. Callaway 30-Oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler & Golf Accessories Gift Set

For that dad who heads to the golf course every weekend, there is nothing better than a state-of-the-art tumbler to keep your coffee piping hot – combine it with a few golfing accessories and the gift will have him smiling. 

The bevelled bottom has been designed to fit into an standard golf cart cup holder. Your boyfriend’s dad can keep his game on point thanks to the exclusive combo of name-brand Callaway accessories: Callaway Warbird golf balls; 3  plastic golf tees; a divot tool combining a putt alignment stencil and a  Callaway brand golf ball marker which is magnetic – the perfect accessories for the golfer.

14. QUINEAR Cordless Leg Massager

The QUINEAR is cordless and offers calf massage compression & is a  muscle recovery stimulation apparatus designed for deep tissue massage. 

It is simple and based on a traditional model but offers a wide range of customizable settings so you can comfortably and safely get the results you need.

It works by pressing gentle but powerful air pressure downward into your lower leg muscles to help reduce cramps and improve circulation. 

15. Dad Coffee Mug – #1 Dad Nutrition Facts 

Sometimes there is so much you want to say, but somehow you struggle to find the words. This could be one of the ways to show him your love. A coffee cup with a classic caption is one of those.

16. Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet for Men

If you are looking for a gift for a dad who’s always on the go, look no further than this carbon fiber RFID wallet.

No more fumbling with multiple clips, since this slim minimalist  card holder stylishly engraved with the words ” best guy ever” can fit your cards, cash, and IDs with ease. Your boyfriend’s dad will look trendy while staying organized.

This carbon fiber RFID wallet is lightweight and durable.  The aluminium clip closes securely with a press-closed snap. No matter what kinds of scanners card data thieves have, your card information cannot be tracked.  

 17. 3-1/4 inch Wood Golf Tees Bulk

Even Callaway golf tees break sometimes, as do most others, so why not buy this bulk set of 30 tees. Produced especially for a gift occasion – the tees are printed with  two amusing golfing gags – “You are tee-riffic!”, and “Best Dad by par!” Golfing is a costly game, and anything which reduces the expense will be a welcome addition to his sporting lifestyle. This bulk set should go the extra mile when saving on golfing accessories  

18. Engraved Leather Catch all Valet Tray for Dad

How often do you need a simple, uncomplicated organiser, like the simplest of valet trays to temporarily hold anything. The leather is engraved with a sentimental message which will warm his heart long after the occasion has ended.

This catch-all tray can be placed anywhere, by his bedside, on the porch, beside his favourite chair in the lounge and more. It is designed in luxury, full-grain leather.

19. Stainless Steel Manicure Set

This professional manicure/pedicure kit is contained in a luxurious box and kept organised in a foldable, elegant leather wallet pouch. The set has three functions, including hand care (for the fingernails), facial care (for the facial brow trim part), and foot care (for toenails).

This manicure/pedicure set has everything to meet all manicure and pedìcure needs. The set is crafted in high-quality stainless steel. 

20. Brass Compass 

Does your boyfriend’s dad love to explore the wilderness? If so, then he will enjoy this compass.

It is handcrafted from sturdy metal and features a magnetic needle. The holder is a durable leather holster. The fact that the outer casing is made from sturdy metal rather than plastic makes it much stronger. These compasses can be opened up quickly without any fuss, which makes them quite easy to use at any given time of day or night.

22. SpaLife All Natural Bath and Body Luxury Spa Men’s Sandalwood Gift Set

A manly spa gift set is just as much appreciated by any self-respecting man as a womanly spa set is appreciated by women. Sandalwood is one of the most masculine fragrances so spoil your boyfriend’s dad on this occasion.

The indulgent natural ingredients which comprise this gift set can be used in many ways to pamper yourself- in the bath, after a shower. This 7- piece gift set includes everything you need from bath crystals to a sisal sponge for a manly scrub-down. 

23. Broadway Basketeers Deluxe Gift Basket

How about getting a gift for your boyfriend’s dad that the whole family can enjoy?

The amazing thing about food gift baskets is that the gift basket company buys gourmet foods in bulk , and repacks them. The company also offer their connoisseur knowledge of foodstuff to make your dining event more memorable – the one thing they know very well is gourmet foods and how to mix and match them.

This particular food hamper includes a selection of 15 different delectables, making your day out celebrating your boyfriend’s dad a mouth-watering day to remember.

24. Cocktail Smoker Kit 

A cocktail smoker adds both smoke and flavour to cocktails and whiskey- it’s really a whole lot of beverage fun for your home bar events with friends and family.

The cocktail smoker kit shows you how to make cocktails and other drinks that require a cocktail smoker. But what does it actually do? It heightens the sensory experience of the beverage and leaves a lingering aftertaste to the drink.

This old-time smoker kit includes  four natural natural fruitwoods- apple, pecan, oak and cherry, with no artificial flavours added. The kit comes with stainless steel strainers and a cleaning brush, together with the wood chips.

25. UniLiGis Washable Travel Laundry Bag 

Help him keep his trips pleasant and organised with this thoughtful laundry bag gift. It holds three days of dirty laundry and the bag is made of a nylon textile which prevents the dirty laundry odour from escaping.

If he’s the sporting type, this bag can be used just as readily as a dirty sports clothing bag.

26. Every Man Jack Sandalwood Bath and Body Gift Set

This awesome body care product set with a toilet bag has three essential toiletry items- a body wash, deodorant and a shampoo-conditioner.

If your boyfriend’s dad really doesn’t like the spa culture, he can’t refuse this set, because these are 3 items he uses every day. 

27. Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens for Nikon DSLR Cameras 

Is your boyfriend’s dad a photography nut? One way to avoid the high costs of this hobby is to buy renewed items. They are refurbished by expert technical personnel, and if not brand new, they are almost new.

Ask him whether he has a photography wish list. Take an item from the list and look for it on Amazon with the word “renewed” tagged to the end. Then look up the brand new item- you will be pleasantly surprised how much affordable his photographic passion becomes.

28. ALLCAMP 9 Piece Wine Travel Bag and Insulated Wine Carrier 

Does your Dad have a wine cellar he is always investing in with some rare wine or other? This is one of the handiest gifts for men like this – it keeps two wine bottles cool and is easy to carry with you. The zipper design is robust and sturdy , so it’s impossible for the wine bottles to accidentally slip out.