Gifts for Parents

No need to pull out your hair when looking for a gift for Mom and Dad. Whether it is for Christmas, a birthday, Mothers Day or Fathers Day, what matters most in a gift to parents is not the price tag, but a gift that comes from the heart.

Scrapbooks, Photo Albums, Photo Frames

Dust off the lid to those shoe boxes in the basement and put those photos to good use. Assemble a photo album with pictures from your childhood to remember the big developments — first words, walking, going to school — and even the little events like birthdays and dinner at Grandma’s. For those more creatively inclined, try your hand at a scrapbook. If the photos are already in a digital format, digital photo frames are also a great idea (though they can be expensive).

If your parents already have photos from your childhood displayed, put together a collection from your life over the past year. Have you recently moved away from home? Gotten married? Had kids? Your parents still want to be a part of your life and probably do not have as many pictures of you in your adult days. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy them just as much as your first birthday party.

Handmade Gifts

In kindergarten, we gave our parents ornaments made with macaroni noodles and clay sculptures that look like blobs. Why not give them something creative now?

  • Can you crochet or knit? Common gifts include scarves, hats, dishcloths or blankets.
  • Paint a picture and frame it for your parents. They would love to hang your masterpiece in their home.
  • Take a pottery class. Make a decorative plate, bowl or vase and write a personal note on the back.
  • Put together a book of poems. Parents will especially love ones about family.

Personal Gifts

A personal gift is sweet and thoughtful. Consider compiling a playlist of songs that remind you of your parents. Even better, record yourself telling your parents why each song is special to you, and have the message play before each track.

Do you write? Instead of a generic Christmas or birthday card, send your parents a handwritten note about why they are so important to you. How have they had an impact in your life? How have they helped make you a better person? What are you thankful for in your relationship?

Choosing a gift for a parent doesn’t have to be expensive. As long as the gift comes from the heart, it will be appreciated.