Gifts for Grandparents

Finding the perfect present for grandma and grandpa can cause hours of frustration. Family members and friends beyond a certain age often have the resources to purchase the items they want and need, and space may be limited for storing new additions. There are solutions, however, to this gifting dilemma.

Gift Cards

Gift cards seem like a quick way out of choosing a meaningful gift, but the opposite can be true. Certificates for dining at favorite restaurants, frequently used services such as oil changes or hairdressing, or small treats like a spa day show the recipients that the giver pays attention to what is important in their life. Make the gift cards more significant by gathering several friends or relatives together to purchase a larger number of certificates or one certificate for a higher amount.

Package the gift card with homemade cookies or soup mixes. Add a family photo in a frame to make the gift more personal. Gift cards do not have to be the easy way out for those who can’t find the “perfect” gift, but can instead provide the recipient a reason to think of the giver all year long.

Photo Albums or Scrapbooks

Photo albums or scrapbooks are a creative way to keep in touch with relatives and friends who do not live near, and with many online services providing quick layouts, albums don’t have to be time consuming to create. The possibilities are endless, too.

Put together photos to show an overview of the past year, or choose a special event to highlight. Gather photos of all the family members of a certain generation. Or choose photos from the recipient’s early life: baby photos, wedding pictures, or even pets from long ago. Photo books and scrapbooks do not require much storage space, but offer the recipient meaningful memories that can be viewed again and again.

Cleaning Service

As they age, family members and friends can find it difficult to clean their homes and vehicles the way they prefer. Hiring a cleaning service to come in once a month for the heavy cleaning removes the burden of difficult tasks like cleaning cupboards or scrubbing bathrooms. If a cleaning service is not a feasible choice, organize a group of friends and relatives to spend a day or a weekend performing the same functions. Vehicles can use the same attention, and many automotive service shops offer detailing services that can be gifted to grandparents.

Finding gifts for older family members and friends does not have to be the least favorite item on the To Do list. Grandparents will appreciate a thoughtful gift, emphasizing their daily activities or those of their loved ones.