Gift Ideas for Women Gifting Men

When it comes to giving men gifts, many women are unsure of what men want. Often women find it hard to come up with great gift ideas. Like other things good gift-giving requires thought. This is where learning as much as possible about the person can make gift selection easier. Say, he’s single, likes to cook, and spends big sports weekends at home entertaining friends. This narrows the gift search down to the kitchen and sports. The next step is to find a gift that’s unique such as a sports-related kitchen gadget.

This approach to gift giving works when selecting a gift for anyone. However, reaching the point where the gift can be nailed down to a particular room, hobby, or interest often requires some snooping. Depending upon yours and the male’s relationship, look around his kitchen, car, computer, etc., for ideas. Or ask his friends if they know of any particular item he’s mentioned. Since you already know that he likes sports and cooking, a set of baseball and golf club bottle openers is a gift he’ll treasure and one you’ll be proud to give.

Car Gift Ideas for Men

Most men like items for their cars. Gifts that organize their trunks, let them multi-task, or come to the rescue in an emergency are especially useful.

  • Car trunk organizer and cooler
  • Car wash certificates
  • Cup holder coffee cup cell phone and held-held gadget charger
  • Emergency roadside kit
  • Gift certificate to an auto store
  • Jump-start car battery charger that works through the cigarette lighter.
  • Portable wet-dry car vac
  • Radar detector

Cooking and Kitchen Gift Ideas for Men

Men who cook regularly or just on special occasions will like kitchen items that represent masculinity. The more apt the item is to start a conversation the better.

  • Cool daddy deep fryer
  • Chopstick rests
  • Gift certificate to a high-end kitchen shop
  • Grilling gift baskets
  • Grill light for when it gets dark outside and the steaks aren’t ready
  • Grilling thermometer (wireless)
  • Instant steak marinator bowl
  • Professional stainless steel kitchen timer
  • Rechargeable electric corkscrew, peppermill, and salt mill set
  • Stainless steel chopsticks
  • Under-the-cabinet wine frig

Electronic Gift Ideas for Men

Electronic gifts are not just for geeks. Male computer users like unusual attachments—those that are more like toys, but still useful. Electronic gifts corner the market in being unique.

  • Alarm clock on wheels – hit the snooze more than once and the clock jumps to the floor and wheels around the floor beeping. By the time he catches it, he’ll be wide awake.
  • Bicycle mount HD Video Cam
  • Digital camera binoculars
  • Collectible flash drives
  • Ford Mustang wireless mouse
  • Gift certificate to a computer store
  • GPS bike computer
  • iPod mixing console
  • Noise canceling headphones
  • Scanner pen for taking notes. Records audio and links it to what he writes
  • Scroll pen – a ballpoint pen with paper inside the barrel he can write on then tear off or scroll back into the barrel
  • Solar-powered backpack charger for cell phone and other hand-held gadgets
  • USB Beverage chiller and warmer for the computer

Fun Gift Ideas

Keep his fun-loving side and appetite entertained with a gift he’ll enjoy.

  • Beer of the month, pizza, wine, or coffee club membership
  • Custom bobble head
  • Gift certificate
  • Horse scented candles
  • Mega water gun
  • Remote controlled flying helicopter
  • Wall hanging acrylic fish bowls for his office

Gardening and Outdoor Gift Ideas

Husbands, fathers, and grandfathers that work in the garden or putter around outdoors, welcome gifts that make outside work easier.

  • Stainless-steel barbecue set
  • Beer or water bottle holster
  • Collapsible rain barrel
  • Folding utility wagon
  • Gift certificate to a garden or hardware store
  • Golf organizer rack for the garage
  • Home toolkit
  • Laser level
  • Portable air compressor for bicycle and lawn equipment tires

Sports and Experience Gift Ideas for Men

Many younger and older men participate in some kind of sports. Whether it’s the more sedate fishing and golfing to extreme adventure sports look for something special.

  • Anglers backpack instead of a tackle box
  • Bike accessories, such as a bicycle seat cover
  • Bottle with water filters
  • Experience gift certificate for flying lessons, stock car racing, bungee jumping, trail riding, mountain biking, or choose from hundreds of air, action and adventure, driving, water and snow sports, etc.
  • Gift certificate to a sports shop
  • Hand fitness trainer

Travel Gift Ideas

The frequent male traveler will welcome travel gadgets he doesn’t have to unpack between trips.

  • Crocodile embossed calfskin passport cover
  • Digital luggage scale to make sure he meets luggage weight requirements
  • F My Life book
  • Portable travel speakers
  • Travel gift certificate
  • Travel toothbrush sanitizer
  • Voice recognition alarm clock
  • Wireless reading device

Hopefully, these preliminary suggestions will help in developing other unusual gift ideas and make choosing from the thousands of gifts for men fun and easier.