Gift Ideas for Men Gifting Women

Women love getting gifts from men and see presents from a husband, male relative, or boy friend as a token of caring. However, most men break into a cold sweat at the thought of gift shopping for the women in their lives because they are unsure of what women want. Few men ask although most women will tell them what gift they’d like. Women will also drop hints. However, the best gift is the unique and useful surprise gift that shows he put time and thought into selecting it.

Kitchen Gift Ideas for Women

Kitchen gifts are best for giving to men’s sisters and mothers. When giving a wife a gift for the kitchen, be sure to include other gifts for her personal use.

  • Aromatherapy kitchen garden kit
  • Digital 3-dish timer and clock
  • Digital kitchen scale
  • Digital scale measuring cup
  • Drop-down spice tray organizer
  • Fresh herb keeper
  • Gift card to a high-end kitchen store
  • Grocery list recorder and printer
  • Mini-cupcake maker
  • No-mess bacon cooker
  • Oven thermometer
  • Snap-on beater carrier hand-held mixer
  • Stainless-steel electric garlic roaster
  • Touch-less paper towel dispenser and cutter
  • Touch-less soap disperser
  • Vacuum sealer
  • Vanilla extracts and sugar sets
  • Wireless can opener

Garden Gift Ideas for Women

Garden gifts make good presents for men’s mothers and grandmothers who have flower or vegetable gardens. Brightly colored items that complement the patio, pool, and other outdoor garden décor are well accepted also.

  • Compost bin
  • Designer water cans
  • Ergonomic garden tools
  • Garden benches
  • Garden in a bag
  • Gardening seat and tool carrier
  • Gift card to a high-end garden center
  • Mini windowsill garden
  • Rattan garden tool basket
  • Slogger garden shoes

Electronic Gift Ideas for Woman

Electronic gadgets bring out the geek in women. Women usually buy few electronics for themselves other than cell phones, but once they’re presented with an electronic gadget that’s practical and easy to use, they’re hooked.

  • Digital reader
  • Gift card to an electronics store
  • GPS digital camera
  • Hands-free tooth paste dispenser
  • Leather laptop bags
  • Mobil phone retro handset
  • Pen scanner that records audio and links it to handwritten notes in case something is missed during note taking
  • Roll up Keyboard
  • Solar-powered bags
  • Survivor kit in a bottle – a blanket, flashlight, matches, a candle, poncho, first-aid kit, and more for the car
  • Toothbrush sanitizer
  • Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaner
  • USB laptop security alarm
  • UVC sanitizing wand – uses light to destroy germs on surfaces around the home and office

Gift Ideas for Wives and Sweethearts

Men get as personal as you like when buying gifts for wives and sweethearts. Sexy lingerie, perfume, jewelry, and toiletries are definitely not off-limits. Unless you know she’ll be embarrassed or offended, let your imagination run wild.

  • Bottle with water filter
  • Cashmere sweater or scarf
  • Cordless wine opener
  • Diamond earrings
  • Electric foot warming mat
  • Fashionable lunch tote
  • Gift card to high-end department store
  • Gift baskets
  • Gourmet of the month club
  • Home décor and style book
  • Jar of robin egg soaps
  • Jewelry
  • Manicure, pedicure, and spa package gift certificate
  • Monogrammed crystal wine decanter
  • Leather designer handbag
  • Leopard print sleepwear
  • Nixon watch
  • Photo frame pendant necklace
  • Porcelain travel insulated cup – looks like a Styrofoam coffee cup and fits in the car cup holder
  • Portable dog paw washer
  • Portable pet carrier tote
  • Romantic foreign film DVDs
  • Rapid beverage chiller
  • Stitch and bitch knitting books
  • Suede long sleeve gloves
  • Tennis racket cover
  • Top opera performances on DVD
  • Wine sampler box
  • Yoga mat and carry sling

Travel Gifts for Women

Give women on the go travel items. Small items that she need not unpack after every trip are especially useful.

  • Global travel alarm clock
  • Leather and jewel embellished King James Version bible
  • Leather weekend get-away bags
  • Silk travel pouch
  • Travel gift certificate to a high-end luggage and leather shop
  • Travel manicure set
  • Umbrella in a pod for travel purse
  • Universal power adapter kit

Choose from these or thousands of other in-store and online gifts. Often a few suggestions are all that’s needed to start your own unique gift ideas working.