Gift Ideas for Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistant and staff week is celebrated April 19 through April 23. Administrative assistants are the glue that holds most offices together. Finding the right gift to show your appreciation is easy if you know where to look. Popular gifts for such an occasion include office parties, lunch parties, novelty gifts and gift baskets. With a little research and planning showing your appreciation is as easy as clicking the mouse.

Office Parties

Office parties are a popular way to celebrate the occasion. There are many websites offering party ideas. Office games and refreshments, such as cupcakes and cookies, can be provided. However, parties can be disruptive to some businesses so you might consider having the party after business hours. After hour parties can be fun and raise morale while not disturbing business.

Lunch Celebrations

Employee lunch at a restaurant or diner is an excellent way to show your appreciation. Some eateries offer discounts for large parties. Taking your assistants to lunch avoids business disruption experienced with office parties. Offering gift certificates to popular restaurants gives the employee the chance to enjoy it at their will. Gift certificates are also available from entertainment centers and specialty stores that might meet your gifting needs.

Novelty Gifts

Novelty gifts are fun and raise the morale in an office. Funny gifts are not as personal as lunch or parties. There are thousands of websites offering novelty and fun gift ideas. From coffee cups with funny phrases to office prank ideas, It’s a good way to lighten the atmosphere in any office. Novelty gifts however humorous, can be offensive to some, so know your employees’ attitudes before giving gifts that are controversial.

Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets are the most popular gift idea for Administrative Assistant Day. The ease of ordering and quick delivery provides a unique and personal way to say thank you. There is a Gift Basket for every taste and occasion. Everything from gourmet baskets, featuring a variety of gourmet cheeses and crackers, to bath baskets with bath oils and soaps show your assistants that you appreciate their hard work. With On time delivery and wide variety, gift baskets are the best gift idea for the money.

Check online for the best gift basket for your needs. Some sites allow you to special order baskets. They are affordable and convenient and convey the special appreciation you feel for that important part of your business.