Fun Saint Patrick’s Day Gifts

Exchanging Saint Patrick’s Day gifts is a way to make an already fun-filled holiday even more fun. Saint Patty’s gifts are usually more related to the holiday rather than to an individual’s taste, so it is easier to have more fun when picking things out. There’s not as much reason to worry about a person’s specific tastes and styles since most people expect to get things that involve alcohol, the color green, and Ireland. On Saint Patrick’s Day, these are the gifts that most people actually want.

Alcohol-Related Gifts

Not everyone drinks on Saint Patrick’s Day, but it’s a fact that many people certainly do. One of the more popular drinks on Saint Patty’s Day is Guinness Beer, which is a well-known Irish beer. Some beer stores might sell St. Patrick’s themed beer sets on Saint Patrick’s Day that come with green beer glasses and other Saint Patty’s accessories. A six-pack of Guinness beer with a set of green Guinness beer glasses would make an excellent gift for a friend who likes to enjoy the holiday with Irish beer.

All Things Green

Saint Patrick’s Day is all about the color green, and any gifts given or received should usually reflect this. It’s not hard at all to find Saint Patrick’s Day T-shirts in green or white with green lettering. Many of these T-shirts come with amusing slogans, which makes it twice as much fun to pick them out. Unfortunately, Saint Patrick’s Day is probably the only day during the year when such a T-shirt might be worn, but it’s always good to have one for the occasion to use year after year. In addition to green T-shirts, there are also green hats, buttons, socks, and more made specifically for Saint Patrick’s Day. These gifts are guaranteed not only to make a person smile, but they will also likely be fairly inexpensive.

Saint Patrick’s Day Irish Gifts

In addition to being all about green and all about beer, Saint Patrick’s Day is also all about Ireland. A really neat idea for a Saint Patrick’s Day gift would be to give a friend an Irish-themed gift basket. A gift like this could end up being slightly pricey depending on what goes in it, but there’s no doubt that creating such a basket would be a lot of fun. Some ideas for the contents of an Irish-themed gift basket include CDs with Irish pub songs, food imported from Ireland, and books or DVDs that take place in Ireland.

Whether a person decides to gift alcohol, green Saint Patrick’s Day articles of clothing and accessories, or Irish-themed gifts, a Saint Patrick’s Day gift exchange is sure to be a good time. The great thing about Saint Patrick’s Day gifts is that they don’t have to cost much money, and in fact, no one expects them to. It’s a great way for friends to surprise each other with fun little things that aren’t really too personal and are more just about celebrating the holiday.