Finding the Perfect Gift Ideas for Birthdays

When it comes to gift giving, we mostly focus on sensible gift options that are not always so inspirational, for instance gift cards and even cold hard cash. Gifts that bring joy in our past-times are always welcome to help us get away from the daily stresses of life, but we all know the best thing for stress relief is laughter and having a good laugh can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some of which can make awesome birthday gifts too.

Make Them Laugh With Your Gift Giving

There are lots of novelty and gag gifts out there to suit different people. Everything from space hoppers to talking toilet roll holders, gag gifts make fun gifts in pressing times. Even clothing, t-shirts, pens, mugs and desk calendars featuring cartoon funnies or life observations will find a way into someone’s life and make him or her laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine and a great gift to tickle the ribs are DVDs of a favorite sitcom or comedian. A night out at a comedy club would also make a great unique gift, and there are many famous comedy clubs nationally that make for a really good evening out; many also offer tickets that include drinks and meals in the interval. Additionally, local bars may feature comedy nights with food and drinks. Who knows? You may even see the next big comedy act. It’s a great night for both newlyweds and couples celebrating an anniversary, as long as they don’t mind getting heckled!

Gifts of Family and Friends

Families are a great source of entertainment and there is bound to be a budding, and possibly unwitting, comedian in your family. Why not encourage the fun by hosting a birthday party and inviting him or her as a priority guest? Birthday parties are great for grown-ups to get together to share good times and memories.

There are some excellent party toys that are not for the faint-hearted, however. Inflatable castles are not just for children, there are adult versions too, so why not relive some childhood memories and book one for your friend’s house party? Alternatively, there are some fun inflatable games for adults too, like barfly and sumo wrestling that are sure to be a hit.

Make Gift Giving Unique

A great gift for the host would be a camcorder to record the events of the evening, especially if they have invited the family comedian. There are some really advanced camcorders that are so small you can fit them in your pocket, and they often come with attachments so that you can mount them on your shoulder, head, hat or even the cat. It’s sure to record some great laughs at the party and for years to come, to share with friends on YouTube and other networking sites. Who knows, maybe you or Uncle Joe, or your cat, will be the next big internet sensation.