Finding Personalized or Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day

Sometimes on Mother’s Day, the oldies are the best; gift baskets, chocolates, flowers, photo-frames or jewellery, combined with a well chosen card, will always go down well. Adding a simple twist to these tried and tested ideas, however, can give a Mother’s Day gift that extra special touch. Personalized gifts are a great way to show a mom how much her family truly care for and appreciate her. Unique gifts and homemade gifts will give a mom something different that she can treasure forever.

A Traditional Mother’s Day Gift With a Twist

A Mother’s Day gift of a beautiful photo-frame can be enhanced by the addition of a personal family photograph. For those who can spend a little more, why not include the photo-frame with a voucher for a photo-shoot with all the family – a treasured memory and a fun day out with the people who mean the most to her. Try creating beautiful home décor by transferring photos to canvas, or add a funky twist with unique decorative photo-frames such as this clock.

For chocolate-loving moms, go one better than the simple box of chocolates and reward her with an indulgent chocolate hamper for a Mother’s Day treat. Or, why not try accompanying her on a fun day-out to a chocolate making workshop? Activity days for special occasions are now presented by a wide range of companies, many of which will offer 2 for 1 deals for Mother’s Day, meaning mothers won’t have to go alone; remember, spending time with mom on Mother’s Day is more important than any gift.

When choosing flowers for Mother’s Day, try to shop around for a bouquet of mom’s favourites rather than a generic bunch. Or for the rose-loving mom or the gardener who has everything, add a twist to flower-giving by gifting mom with a ‘Name a Rose’ gift-pack, available from most gift sites.

Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

There are many Mother’s Day gift baskets available, but the best are those that are customisable. These allow the customer to add specific items they have chosen to the basket, making it a more personal and thoughtful gift. When creating one of these, think beyond flowers and chocolates for memorable gifts. Perfume, jewellery, cake, biscuits, cheese, fruit, and alcohol, as well as gift vouchers, accessories such as hats, scarves and bags, and items for the home, all make great gift-basket presents. Don’t discount gadgets, music, books or DVDs as Mother’s Day gifts.

For a unique twist, why not consider a homemade Mother’s Day basket? Start with a wicker basket – look in a gardening store or even try hand-crafting one – add coloured tissue paper and any desired gifts, then finish with ribbons and flowers. For completely handmade Mother’s Day baskets, add homemade jewellery, knitted or handmade accessories and home decorations, as well as baked treats. These can even be finished off with handmade paper flowers; try searching online for YouTube videos on making paper flower decorations or origami.

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

For those who really want something different this Mother’s Day, think outside the box with sites such as I Want One of Those which offer strange or unique gifts. Shop around for special items that reflect a mom’s interests or hobbies, such as this ‘Home Made’ cookie stamp for mothers who like to bake. Keep an eye out for interesting or indulgent items for her home; many websites offer personalised candles, vases, and other décor, or retro and funky decorations and kitchenware to add a more unusual twist to a common gift.

For a truly unique present, why not try creating homemade gifts such as hand-crafted jewellery, make-up or keepsake boxes, or handmade or knitted items such as scarves, cushions or bags. Moms will feel truly appreciated by the amount of care and effort that has obviously been put into such presents, and in fact, these kinds of gifts are often more loved and treasured than bought ones.

Gifts for New Moms or Pregnant Moms

A pregnant mom or new mother will greatly appreciate a little relaxation and pampering. Consider giving her a hamper or gift set of relaxing oils, balms or spa treatments, an aromatherapy set, or a cozy microwaveable cushion with soothing lavender scent. Many companies offer spa days or health club day passes; shop around for 2 for 1 offers so that mom can have company while she relaxes.

Alternatively (and for a fraction of the cost), set up her very own spa at home; decorate the bathroom with scented candles and flowers, put on some tranquil music, and bring her a glass of wine (for non-pregnant moms) as she enjoys some well-deserved relaxation. To celebrate new arrivals, why not treat a new mom to a family photo-shoot, or let her feel truly appreciated with a personalized piece of jewellery or shopping trip.

Treat Mom on Mother’s Day

Adding twists or personal touches to traditional gifts, or finding unique and unusual Mother’s Day presents, is a good way to show mom on Mother’s Day that she is loved and appreciated. However, it is important to remember that whatever the Mother’s Day gift, simply making the time to spend with mom on Mother’s Day is the most important present of all.