Electronic Gift Ideas for Men From Over 100 to Under 50 Dollars

Most men enjoy receiving an electronic gift or an accessory for their existing computer or music system. Electronic gifts can be purchased online at varying prices, from over 100 dollars to under 50 dollars.

Electronic Gifts in the 100 Dollar or Over Range

For the higher budget, there are several new high-tech items that make great gifts. The new Blu-ray DVD players are on many men’s wish lists. For guys who don’t like asking for directions, a GPS (Global Positioning System) also makes a welcome present.

For the photographer, many different models of digital cameras are available, and features such as the rechargeable battery are being improved all the time. For the reader, the new Amazon Kindle, makes a perfect up to date gift.

Some electronic gifts in the 100 dollar range include:

  • Blu-ray DVD player
  • Wii game console
  • digital camera
  • Kindle eBook reader
  • GPS
  • iPod

Electronic Gifts for Men for 100 Dollars or Under

A variety of electronic gifts can be found that cost between 50 and 100 dollars. Prices are coming down on some items, such as the portable DVD player, which can now be purchased for under 100 dollars.

Many cool and trendy gifts can be purchased in this price range, such as a stylish digital watch or a retro-style music player. An iPod or iPhone dual dock alarm clock makes a very useful gift.

A few gift suggestions include:

  • trendy digital watch
  • retro-style music player
  • wireless headphones
  • video spy pen
  • portable DVD player
  • iPod or iPhone dual dock alarm clock

Budget Electronic Gifts for Men for Under 50 Dollars

Many good gifts can also be found in the under 50 dollar range. Most men who own computers or music systems welcome headphones and speakers. For those who don’t, a unique alarm clock or LED flashlight might be a good bet.

Accessories for gadgets that men already own make welcome, less expensive gifts. These may include iPad accessories, or items for a desktop or laptop computer.

  • A few electronic gift ideas for men that won’t blow the budget include:
  • deluxe ear buds headphones
  • computer speakers
  • cell phone case, speakers, and other accessories
  • novelty alarm clock
  • LED flashlight
  • accessories for an iPad, IPhone, or Kindle

A word of caution: many people just assume teens or other males have an iPod and other electronic devices, but they are expensive and not everyone can afford one. If choosing a gift to mail or for someone you haven’t seen for a while, make sure the person receiving the gift actually has the item the accessory is for. Otherwise it could be very disappointing.

These gifts and many others can be found at Gifts.com and other online stores.