Easy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts that mom will love for celebrating Mother’s Day. These crafts and activities can be done by the entire family.

Gifts That Children Can Make for Mom

Family Photograph – Mom and grandma will appreciate this gift very much. Just find a picture of the whole family or individual pictures of the kids and put them in pretty frames. These frames can be found cheap at the dollar stores and can be left as is or decorated. Some cute decorations to glue around the frame would be buttons, artificial flowers or wooden hearts.

Homemade Card – Mother’s Day cards do not have to be costly or purchased from the store. Kids can make these by folding a piece of card stock or construction paper in half and then decorating the outside and writing a special message inside the card. The outside can be decorated by using markers, crayons, cutouts, stickers, glitter glue or foam stickers. The inside message can be written from the heart of the child or use a simple quote, easy poem or Bible verse.

Mother’s Day Coupon Book – Make some easy coupons to give to mom so they can be cashed in for things such as hugs and kisses, doing the dishes, sweeping, dusting, cleaning, any chore that needs to be done. These coupons can be made on any type of paper that is on hand. Cut them out and put in an envelope to present to mom.

Bookmark – Make a bookmark from cardstock to give mom for using in the books or Bible she is reading, each time the bookmark is used mom will feel the love that was put into making this special gift. Cut the cardstock in strips and then decorate with drawings or stickers, write I Love You on them, find Bible verses and other quotes that are specific to Mother’s Day.

Gifts From the Yard

Flowers – Roses do not have to be bought at the florist to make a lady feel loved. It is very special to have a bouquet of flowers picked by little hands from the flower bed or rose bush. Put in a jar of water or vase after picking and tie a ribbon around the container and deliver a special Mother’s Day bouquet.

Food Gifts for Mother

Homemade Treat – Find out what the favorite treat is for mom or grandma and make up a batch for gift giving. Brownies, cookies and homemade candies are great ideas and easy to make at a low cost. When the treat has been made simply put them in a cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon or have the kids decorate up a brown paper bag and put the treats inside for a special delivery.

Mother’s Day Brunch – Plan a special brunch for the ladies to enjoy on Mother’s Day. Fix a special breakfast dish and serve with coffee, juice and milk. Cut up a platter of fruits to have ready and put out some jams and jellies to make the brunch tasty and special. Try some of thesemain course brunch recipes.

Just remember that most mothers just want to feel loved by their family and they do not need fancy gifts to be shown this, a hug and kiss will do.