27 Best Easter Gift Ideas for Girlfriend to Show Her That You Care

There is only one week left before Easter, which means it’s time to get your girlfriend something that she’ll really appreciate. Whether you’re looking for a cute gift or just need some ideas to avoid getting her another chocolate bunny, this list of the best Easter gift ideas will have you covered.

These are the little things that let everyone know she’s special to you and show just how much you love her for all of the things she does, every day.

1. Amazon.com Gift Card in an Easter Egg Reveal

For the giftee who is bored with the old eggs for all fanfare of Easter, yet wants to keep up with the old traditions of holiday gift-giving, this is one of the best ways they can still celebrate Easter, while personalizing their gift choice to their real needs. This Amazon gift card has a classic Easter design as a gift for the holiday, but your girlfriend can buy themselves anything they want from a range of millions of products on Amazon. This is a perfect way to both remember this traditional gift giving season yet not lose track of the utility with which you choose to spend your hard-earned money.  

If someone you know is a Ferrero Rocher fan, then this is the perfect option for you! You can buy all 48 assorted chocolates individually and at a discounted price. This mega pack is perfect for when you just can’t decide which flavor to choose from.

You’ll get all of their favorites, such as hazelnut and creamy milk chocolate, plus some new ones, such as coconut flavor and white chocolate—all of which they’re sure to love! Get this as a gift for someone special this Easter and dive together into one of the most loved chocolate tastes of Italy.

3. LuxSpa Bath Bombs Gift Set

This is another almost egg-shaped, spherical gift for Easter for someone who would like a change from the same old snacks and chocolates. If you’re looking for a little something to pamper your GF, then this set of bath bombs are perfect for you. With the use of natural ingredients and essential oils, these bubble fizzies will leave her skin incredibly soft and aromatic.

The unique ingredients include cocoa that helps relax muscles, shea butter that moisturizes dry skin, and salt from the Dead Sea to detoxify the pores. These porous rocks also contain magnesium sulfate, which has incredible properties as a decongestant.

Get ready to sleep like a baby with this one! They look so much like a typical Easter gift. They are even wrapped in colorful Easter-time paper—the perfect compromise if you are tired of eggs and chocolate!

4. Porcelain Cute Soup Bowl with Handles

So, your girlfriend has a passion for collecting ceramics and cups in particular. Here’s a perfect gift to fit into the general egg-shaped or spherical Easter gift design. This cute little cup is multi-purpose—large enough for soup but small enough for a generous cup of tea, and it doubles up as a condiment container with a lid to fit over the Spring flower design. It’s really great looking for the woman who loves the frilly, flowery, pastel stuff at Easter. You can hold almost anything hot in this bowl with a strong grip handle to prevent scalding—from pasta to porridge to cereals with hot milk.

5. Skillmatics Card Game : Guess in 10 Animal Planet

Here’s another peaceful Easter game for the whole family when you come home from your Easter outing. Do something peaceful this Easter, teach your younger family members how to interact with the wonderful array of animals they share the planet earth with. Pick a card, and with ten guesses you can find out which marvelous animal is represented.

This will help the adults in the family group teach the young ones the skills of thinking hard and asking intelligent questions, as well as teaching them about the lives of their co-inhabitants—the animals. Divide up into teams and learn about team play.

Learn to strategize with fun features like cards with clues or bonus queries. It comes in a very portable size, so take it on family holidays with you—anyone in your family group will have fun playing this. It’s a great way to spend the end of Easter, and a game you can keep for many rainy days.

6. Happy Easter Apron for Women

Easter is here, which means it is time to make all of the delicious Easter dishes! Maybe you are looking for trendy aprons for a girlfriend to wear while cooking? This gorgeous apron is made of polyester, a soft, durable material that will make it easy for you to enjoy hours of cooking with your friends and family. Because of the adjustable neck straps, one size fits all.

This apron offers perfect frontal coverage without sacrificing comfort while working. It provides protection for your clothes so you can cook with ease. This way chefs, bakers, and cooks can take cooking seriously in order to make the food taste good. From salad dressing to bread, you can protect yourself from the grease and splatters with an apron.

But the strong polyester material means that you can use this apron for many purposes, not only cooking; use it for gardening, pruning and even bathing pets, if you machine wash it afterwards.

This beautiful, sunny little apron was made just so that your GF could cook up a storm in the kitchen this Easter—you know how women who love to cook love to collect new aprons as well! It will make your girl look like the most huggable cook of the year!  

 7. Easter Bunny Socks for  Women

If you have been considering what Easter gift to buy for a lady in your life, there are many different options. However, one that is less common, but can be very special, is a pair of socks!

Even if she doesn’t usually wear bright colors or funky socks she might find these fun to wear for the occasion. These fun design socks have been produced especially to get in with the Easter feeling, but they are great to wear all year round. Pop them in the machine—they’re easy to wash!

8. LUKYCILD Easter Shirt Women Bunny Rabbit Graphic T-Shirt

The Easter season is here and everyone will be wearing Easter shirts. And, to make sure that your girlfriend’s clothes are in perfect style, you could also buy her a perfect Tee. But what kind of shirt? You need to buy one made from high quality materials like a cotton blend. Get a color and design to match her mood or to say something funny and memorable.

Are you the guy who jokes that his wife is the rabbit who made three children in under seven years? Well done for keeping the bunny population thriving! If she loves your joke she might like this gift from you to remind her of what a lovely mamma bunny she really is!

9. Easter Mask

Since this Easter falls once more in COVID times and in some places you still have to wear masks. This Easter printed design mask set will be a thoughtful gift for any adult in charge of his or her family health over this period. Protect your health and celebrate Easter safely—get these 50PCS with 5 different designs to protect and cover the face. The material is practical because it is water and wind-resistant and you can wash it for extended use, even though essentially it is a disposable mask. It is very soft on the skin so even older children can wear them.

10. Easter & Spring Word Search Puzzle Book

This Easter and spring celebration game is a fun, relaxing  mental activity game for all adults. This crossword book contains themed word searches for the season. The pages are bright and colorful too, which will make finding those tricky words a bit easier.

And since each word search only takes about 10 minutes to complete (sometimes even less if you have a limited time span), it’s easy to take small breaks from your day or studies and enjoy the puzzles. There are also blank puzzles included so you can create your own word search and have unlimited fun!

11. Crocs Classic Tie Dye Clog

It’s Spring and Easter has arrived again—why not do the whole show and wear these pastel tie die clogs (aka Crocs) to be comfortable yet traditional this Easter celebration? If you’re looking for a comfy new addition to your shoe collection, we recommend getting your hands on this made-in-America classic. You’ll love Crocs’ soft and cushioned material.

It provides the ultimate in comfort and breathability, so you can wear these clogs all day long without fear of painful chafing or blistering! The legendary Croslite™ material—soft and non-marking—is molded into a contoured foam mid-sole that provides cushioning underfoot. This feature also absorbs shock, absorbing impact on heel strike and toe off to reduce stress on joints.

12. Bath Bombs Gift Set

No matter what busy occasion you have spent the day celebrating, relaxing after all the activity in a hot bath with an aromatherapy bath bomb is the most luxurious way to pamper your girlfriend at the end the day. This beautiful Bath Bombs Gift Set will give your loved one relaxed and healthy skin for this wonderful holiday!

These are 6 extra large organic bath bombs made with ingredients to pamper your skin, like shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils. Each bomb has a different  fragrant botanic scent. You’ll love these handmade products from a small Australian family business. These products are completely natural and created for zero negative impact on the skin surface—leaving your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

13. Craft Crush – DIY Flower Art Craft Kit

This is a fun Easter activity for the crafty girlfriend to do with the children at Easter while sitting under the gazebo after lunch. Walk into any craft store in the spring and you’ll be surrounded by buckets of flowers, trays of herbs, and baskets overflowing with leaves and greenery. But what to do with all that prettiness once the freshness fades away?

Long after the memory of the Easter blooms have faded, you can still create gorgeous arrangements out of this great kit and give them to family and friends as gifts they can enjoy long after the fun has ended. With these pre-cut paper petals you can create pretty framed Springtime floral arrangements to be hung anywhere in your home.

14. DOWAY Acrylic Easter Basket Eggs Bunny Rabbit Earrings Drop Dangle

These cut drop dangle Easter earrings will make any special Easter outfit look fabulous. Do you have that one friend or family member who’s always on the lookout for new trendy accessories? Surprise them with these beautifully crafted earrings that are both cute and functional so that their ears will be “on point” this Easter! DOWAY Easter Basket Eggs drop dangle earrings handcrafted from acrylic—for those who want to be the coolest rabbit around!

These adorable, handmade earrings are a delight to wear and a delightful gift item! High quality and artfully crafted, they will stay in fashion as long as you will. Designed by Linda Long of DOWAY Jewellery, these double-printed earrings are light-weight and hypoallergenic—perfect for the woman with a stylish fashion sense and sensitive skin.

15. Womens Love Bunny Tshirt

Every now and then you find a Tee which is so stylish you can wear it for any occasion; even smart casual—like this one. You might be saying, “But my girlfriend has so many Tees already—surely she won’t thank me for yet another one?!”

Yet we all know how Tees are appreciated as a gift because, as a fashion statement, they perfectly allow a woman to celebrate their strength in all facets of life in a variety of ways—all with a simple visual message and caption.

This one has this simple word on it which will never wear out in the typical feminine vocabulary: LOVE! It is designed to be worn on any occasion, not only Easter, which is what makes it a must-have. Crazy Dog are known for their stylish, comfortable iconic Tee designs and their soft, easy to wear, high quality T-shirt fashion items. 

16. The Women of Easter

Do you have a girlfriend who regards her faith as the most important aspect of her life and is always buying books around faith topics? In fact, you usually give her an Amazon gift card, just because there is always some faith book she just must read? Well, this is another must read for folk who have strong faith—in particular around Easter.

It deals with the three women who took Jesus down from the cross after the crucifixion: Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany—encounter them all in the faith-filled words of the author Liz Curtis Higgs. It is already a best-seller and a must add to your faith books wishlist.

17. Disney Women’s Winnie The Pooh Plus Size T-Shirt

Everyone remembers Winnie The Pooh with his original exhortations of hope, “remember you’re braver and better than you think you are”. Wonderful words from this classic children’s book character for your girlfriend to remember on this comfortable large size Tee printed with an official Pooh Bear Disney design. Who would choose to forget the wonderful world of Pooh, even as an adult? This is why this Tee is perfect for an adult woman as well. It is made of a 60% cotton blend and can be machine washed.

18. Soft Flannel Bunny Ear Headband

Do you have any idea what to give your girlfriends or daughters for Easter? If so, these fluffy pink and light blue bunny ears are perfect for her! Perfectly soft enough that she can wear them outside and not worry about ruining them. They’re also made with stretchy elastic material so they’ll stay on even while in the shower! Available in various sizes that will fit most adults too! They are easy to care for as well because they come with both machine-washable and dry cleaning instructions listed on the packaging.

19. Alex and Ani Expandable Cross Bangle Bracelet

If you’re looking for an exceptional and unique gift for your girlfriend, wife, or mother this Easter then these Alex and Ani divine guides expandable cross bangle bracelets are truly the best gifts around. Jewelry is an amazing way to show someone you care or want to celebrate a special occasion. And Alex and Ani is the perfect place for that! For those seeking a new spiritual jewelry item, this adjustable expandable cross bangle bracelet could be the perfect Easter gift. This beautiful piece will make the perfect gift for the inspiring, spiritual person in your life.

20. Classic Bunny Slippers by Silver Lilly

Easter is a time to spread the cheer! If you’re looking for the perfect gift to celebrate this holiday, why not consider some Silver Lilly bunny slippers? These adorable plush animal slippers come in off white color and will make their feet as soft as they can be. These lovely bunny slippers are not only cute but also comfortable and perfect for lounging around the house on those cold winter days. They are made of soft plush and fully lined with fuzzy material for extra warmth. They have floppy-eared head and legs, making them perfect for snuggling up with on the couch or bed.

21. Glaring Easter Throw Pillow Covers 

These Glaring pillow covers are perfect for Easter decorations, or even as a replacement for your old pillow covers. The set is a mix of colors, which makes it more interesting to decorate your room with, especially if your recipient has an ‘au naturale’ look going on! These pillow covers are made of soft cotton and linen material.

The cover is double-sided so it can be turned over for a change in the look. Each cover measures 18 x 18 inches and is machine washable for easy care and can also be hand washed with cold water. This set of four pillow covers will bring the holiday cheer to any room and are guaranteed soft, comfortable and durable so that your recipient can enjoy using them for years.

22. 3-Piece Ann Clark Easter Cookie Cutters Set

The Easter bunny is one of our favorite holiday characters. This set is perfect for the Easter baker! The set includes three cookie cutters in bunny, egg and rabbit designs. You will also receive a recipe booklet to guide you through the steps of baking and decorating your treats. These 3-piece Ann Clark Easter cookie cutter sets make the perfect gift for an avid baker or just to show someone how much you care!

23. Mandy’s 20 Pieces of Artificial Tulips

The most beautiful thing to bring with you as an Easter gift is a pretty bouquet of flowers. There are many different types of flowers that could be used in abundance, but more often than not they will wilt within one day at the start of the next. If you want to bring something fresh and new to your loved ones this year, try an artificial bouqet of flowers! These flowers are made from plastic so they look exactly like real blossoms and can last for years to come. This is a beautiful 20 pieces artificial tulip silk flower bouquet she will cherish for a long time!

24. Relaxing Lavender Bath Gift Set

A relaxing aromatherapy bath gift set is perfect as an Easter gift. A relaxing bath and body set that helps relieve aches, pains and tension. The perfect gift for her who is always on the go, the relaxing bath gift set for women is a great choice. The 13 pack comes with bubble bath bombs, shower gel and body lotion in lavender and rosemary aromatherapy. Give your mom, sister or girlfriend something they will enjoy unwinding with this Easter! This set is perfect for the best relaxing massage ever and all their natural scrubbing needs. The lavender and rosemary aromatherapy will leave a soothing scent in the air while they are enjoying a long soak in the tub.

25. Melixir Vegan Gift Set

Easter is just around the corner and it’s a time when you can do so much to celebrate and be with family. If your loved ones are looking for gifts to give, these Melixir gift sets could be a great option. The Melixir vegan lip and hand care kit has been a sought-after beauty product for women, men and those that love to give the perfect seasonal gift.

These lip balms contain 100% natural ingredients and the hand cream is made with plant-based ingredients that leave skin feeling silky smooth. For many people, the best way to ensure healthy lips and hands is through natural products that contain no harsh chemicals. This lip balm gift set would offer your loved one the opportunity to try these vegan products for themselves.

26. LED Neck Reading Light

Before you go out and buy something inexpensive or just take them something they had forgotten to pick up themselves, why not give them the one thing they really need: a reliable source of light. This light is a functional gift that is compact and portable, and its light comes with a bendable stem that gives it just the right amount of flexibility to sit comfortably on your recipient’s neck. This rechargeable light will last for over 45 hours at its highest brightness level.

It’s a perfect low-budget gift to consider for a loved one or even a colleague. It will save their neck from the stress of a stiff headlamp, sappy book light, or the annoyance of adjusting an overhead lamp. It has 6 brightness levels to adjust as needed and bendable arms to fit any neck. It’s rechargeable so you never have to worry about running out of power at night! Great for camping or outdoor trips.

27. Easter Egg Adult Coloring Book

The adult coloring book craze has been alive for some time. Crafty women who typically spend hours on Pinterest love this kind of gift too—it relaxes them and gets their creative juices flowing. You know that type of woman who doesn’t like holiday board games as much as she does sitting with a glass of wine at the kitchen table with a colored pencil set—this is her perfect gift! But this is not only for her, it’s for anyone who needs a break from their daily routine.

This adult coloring book has 50 creative designs for her to color in and relax. Whether they want the freedom of creativity or simply a way to de-stress, this book is for her. Grab the favorite pen and gel pens, or try something new like watercolor pencils and metallic markers!

To Wrap it Up

After reading this list, you should now know that it’s not hard to find the perfect gift for your girlfriend. There is something for every budget and interest on this list, so you’ll never have an excuse again. And after purchasing one of these gifts for your girlfriend, make sure to thank her for all she does for you!