25 Best Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Husband or Boyfriend This Spring Season

Easter is a perfect time to show your loved one how much you appreciate them with a thoughtful gift. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to get your husband or boyfriend for Easter this year, then we have a few suggestions for what might be the perfect gift. We’ve put together a list of some of the best Easter gifts out there with links to where they can be purchased.

There are plenty of different price ranges on this list so hopefully something is available in your budget. Whether your guy is a steel worker or an artist, there’s something on this list that will help him celebrate all that he does. Read on to find something that’ll make his Easter even happier! Happy shopping!

1. M MOOHAM Cross Necklace 

A cross necklace is a gift that’s too good to pass up for this Easter. A perfect gift to be given by your significant other or sweetheart for Easter. The cross necklace is a good reminder to be thankful for the blessings in your life and not take those things for granted. The cross necklace is also perfect to give as an Easter gift for someone you truly care about, such as a husband or boyfriend.

A cross necklace is a gift that’s too good to pass up for this Easter. A perfect gift to be given by your significant other or sweetheart for Easter. This elegant necklace comes in three colors: silver, black, and gold. The cross pendant is high-quality stainless steel that shines brilliantly every time it catches light from the sun or a nearby bulb.

2. Waipfaru Best Husband Ever Old Fashioned Glass

Knowing what to buy for a significant other for Easter can be difficult; especially when they seem to have everything already. It’s hard to find reliable statistics on who, specifically, likes home bars. Perhaps the most obvious answer is that men are typically attracted to bars and tend to like them.

A survey from the National Association of Home Builders states that of 10 respondents interviewed who had built a new home in the last five years, one quarter said they installed a  home bar. However, even if your husband does not yet have a home bar, he will appreciate this gift if he enjoys a quiet drink in the evening after work. 

This extraordinary and beautiful old fashioned glass is perfect for drinking some of the finest whiskey, but is fine for water and other drinks as well. These glasses have been styled to retain the classic design of a timeless whisky tumbler pattern of glassware, with an outside edge which is styled for easy handling.

3. Wine Country Easter Gift Basket 

Whether it be a special occasion, or just to say “I love you,” this Easter, put a smile on your loved one’s face with any of these gift baskets! These are all perfect for the man in your life or someone who deserves to be spoiled. It is all about the Easter basket! The basket contains a variety of items for your sweetie, including wine and sweets.

Give your man or boyfriend a gift he will love this Easter with the Handpicked Basket. The basket includes a unique assortment of everything your sweetie will love to eat, including a variety of sweets such as Godiva truffles and Belgium chocolate Hazelnut cookies.

The Gourmet Gift Basket from Wine Country Gifts features a custom designed basket filled with exotic, gourmet treats such as Mediterranean Olives, Baked Blueberry and Coconut Macaroons from South Africa, White Chocolate Cookies from Spain and much more.

4. Drive Safe Keychain

As Easter approaches, people start getting into the spirit of gift giving. You find yourself asking the same old question: what should you get your significant other? Key-chains make good presents, especially if you want to show someone your appreciation but don’t know what to get them. And they are small, so they won’t really add to the clutter of your home! A lot of men don’t like jewellery, and aside from a wedding ring might never wear any.

This, however, is an item of jewellery any man would appreciate from his wife as a Easter gift- reminding him while he is out of the house how much he means to his family. A key-chain is more than just a piece of metal that attaches to your keys. It can be a symbolic representation of yourself and your likes, as well as show off your sense of humor!

This is a stainless steel key-chain. You can hang it on your car keys, or use it to attach items to another bag. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel and polished to resist rusting and tarnishing.The key-chain is lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you anywhere. Key-chains are great gifts because they are always useful and they can add a personal touch.

5. Godinger Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

Is your husband one of those men who is always buying the latest accessory for his coastal home bar? If you want to spend a bit more money than usual on him this Easter how about this “Ships ahoy!” home bar accessory;  a stylishly designed navigators home bar whiskey decanter set.

It will make a great conversation piece or ice-breaker to any home bar entertaining, with the blown-glass design of a sailing ship inside the decanter which is held at an angle on a stylish wooden frame- just like a world globe.

The set of two glass whiskey glasses have a world map etched on them. The entire design is held together on a mahogany wooden tray. The effect of this set is stunning- a gift to be appreciated again and again over time. 

6. COSSINI Premium Business Portfolio with Zipper – Padfolio

Help your husband make the best impression possible when he travels on business, and needs more than a just fancy looking wallet, but rather a state-of-the-art accessory. You might not even have heard of this type of wallet before.

What exactly is a Padfolio? Padfolios are typically small and have slots for business cards and other papers. Some have zippers on them to allow them to be closed securely so that papers cannot fall out of the portfolio easily. This vanguard wallet sports all of these functions, and has a caculatior pad as well. If you want to help you husband not only impress, but over-impress, buy him one of these this Easter.

7. Wrangler Authentics Men’s Long Sleeve Jacket

Your husband will enjoy how comfy it is to put off and on this long sleev quilted flannel shirt with hood when he want to run out for an errand or meeting. The softness is what makes comfort so wonderful though, which is why Wrangler Authentics Jacket  is made from the highest quality materials available that are both soft and comfortable, yet durable enough to last for years of wear and use.

If you are looking for a quality and fashionable way to keep warm this spring, this popular Wrangler item comes highly recommended. It is a perfect jacket for casual wear and it is made of  flannel with 100% cotton lining. This jacket has two  pockets on the front side which will come in handy when you need to carry your belongings around.

8. Michael Kors Lexington Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

Many men don’t share the taste that women do for jewellery and accessories. While they might own a few stylish items for work , a lot of men prefer to keep their fashion taste simple and rugged; that is, with the exception of watches. Men all over the world collect watches- if they don’t have a collection of at least three, they will often own one that they really like and have spent a fair amount of money on.

The Michael Kors Lexington Chronograph is a sophisticated timepiece for modern men, who are looking to emphasise their personal taste through subtle hints of steel. This is a manly, yet stylish timepiece for casual men who are looking for something subtle and eye catching. The stainless steel casing features chronographs modes and sub-dials  that you can use in seconds intervals or continuously.

Designed in stylish black and gold, it is perfect for both the day-to-day grind at the office, and your golfing days or even at a jet-set yachting ragatta since it’s water-resistant ( you can even go snorkling with it.) Michael Kors has been the winner of numerous watch design awards and is best appreciated by men who like to make a stylish, subtle chic statement about their timepiece preferences to their friends and colleaugues. 

9. FAWOW Beard Bib Apron Beard Catcher

There is nothing more irritating for a man in his daily cleaning routine than messy hair all over his neck and shirt when he shaves. This is the perfect gift to deal with those messy, aggravating moments when it just seems like there is hair everywhere and you are in a rush to get to work.

This beard bib apron has suckers at the end to attach the apron to the mirror as your husband shaves, neatly catching his hair shavings to be easily disposed of when he is in a hurry. The surface is made of nylon with a smooth surface so the beard hair slips easily into the apron and is easily removed- so easy to wear and use!

10. Electric Shaver All in 1 Grooming Kit Beard Trimmer

Beards are in and hipsters are making it happen.  Looking for a face-framing beard trimmer that not only helps you achieve great-looking facial hair but one that saves plenty of time and effort?

Look no further than this all in one facial hair manager for cutting and grooming all the hair on your face – from your moustache , to your ears , to your beard. Think of how much of his hard-earned money he can save by avoiding those expensive trips to the barber to trim his beard.

It’s the ideal gift for the fastidious man who likes managing the cleanliness in his life with these types of self-help accessories. It’s also easy to manage the cleanliness of the gadget itself- the whole body of the gadget is easily washable after every trim and grooming session.

11. Neck & Shoulder Back Massager

When your husband has had along day at the office, and commuting to work where does the stress really take its toll? In most cases it’s the neck, back and shoulders which absorb all the tension of a hard-working day.There’s nothing like a good massage to make you feel better.

With this Shiatsu Neck Massager, he won’t have to worry about all the back breaking work anymore.  Encourage him to sit back  when he arrives home and let this neck and shoulder massager take care of his muscles for him, providing deep kneading with heat that helps relieve tension. After only a few minutes, you’ll start feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to go again!

So, if you’re looking for a new way to save on stress through massage or just want some extra therapeutic help in your day-to-day life, then the Shiatsu Massager  is highly recommended as a gift idea for your Easter Basket!

12. Multitool Pen Set

Does your handyman have one of these? It’s called the multi-tool pen set because it has many features in one sleek package that is perfect for any occasion! If your husband hasn’t heard of this yet, maybe it’s time to upgrade to the multi-tool pen set!

This unique multi-tool with LED, stylus, level, and screwdriver, and much more, is perfect for every man at all levels of their skills. It includes a storage pouch where you can easily transport this device wherever you go. It is made of robust aluminium so it won’t wear out easily through constant use.

The attached LED light is ultra-bright which helps you work easily in dark or tight spaces. It’s the perfect portable, easy-to-use tool gadget to always have at hand. Buy it for him this Easter- he’ll wonder how he ever managed without it!

13. Ray-Ban Rb3025 Classic Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

This gift is for you folk who live in a very hot climate and have to face a constant glare – somehow just any old sunglasses don’t seem to protect your eyes well enough. While the original sun-shield properties were designed for robust and efficient military use,  Ray-Ban Sunglasses are a favorite for celebrities and athletes due to their stylish look and excellent performance in high glare situations.

The classic aviator shape is iconic, flattering, and designed specifically to deflect glare. The polarized lenses block 99% of UV rays and also reduce eyestrain while watching TV or playing video games. Wear them when you’re out driving, boating, fishing, or just hanging out by the pool.

They’re definitely on the pricey side, but the point is that they are stylish, will never go out of fashion and are very efficient and durable. You won’t have to buy another pair of sunglasses after these.

14. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Ever since the generation of hip office workers has emerged, briefcases as an office work storage means are often seen as being too old-fashioned and cumbersome- they are just no longer practical for millennial office worker needs anymore. Why have a separate bag for your laptop, cellphone and important papers?  We’re happy to share that we found something perfect for you.

Made out of durable, water resistant material to protect your belongings from spills and rain, these backpacks are designed with multiple storage options. Travelers can carry their laptop on their back as if it’s a purse with this lightweight backpack that fits most laptops up to 15.6 inches!

It has multiple pockets so you’ll always have an easy way to organize your belongings and keep track of what’s inside. There’s also a USB charging port in case your laptop battery dies mid-flight or whenever you need just one more hour of life out of your device before recharging it at the airport or hotel.

This sleek and classic design backpack has two side pockets for water bottles. The front pocket provides a great spot for keeping your phone and other personal items separate from your laptop so that you don’t lose anything important when you’re on the go! The design is modern, stylish and robust: made of water-resistant polyester fabric with strong metal zippers. 

15. Wifey and Hubby Wine Glass and Beer Glass Set

Does your husband like to have a drink with you on the patio after a long working day – just to relax and enjoy the evening breezes? Then this is the perfect matching dink together set for you and your best friend – the hubby/wifey beer/wine pair of glasses – if you are bored of the same old  practical glasses with no design  features at all!

However, it’s not only suitable for beer and wine occasions but any drinks of your choice – the perfect addition to your home bar. Ergonomically designed with weighty bottom, smooth sides and easy-for drinking rim, this pair of glasses is also quite robust if you handle them correctly. Even though they are dishwasher safe – to extend the life of the design on the glass it’s a good idea to wash these by hand.

16. Eterluck Engraved Docking Station

There is nothing worse than a disorganised bedroom or office with not enough organisers to keep it looking peaceful and clean. This Docking Station Organizer will perfectly complete your home or office. This organizer is designed to be the perfect marriage of style and function, with a sleek, sophisticated design that rivals any other accessory for your home or office.

This gift set is a bit different from the average organiser in that it also has a valet tray and an earphone holder to handle those awkward moments when your earphones are always tangling up with everything else. 

It is engraved with the  perfect couple reminder- a simple; ” I love you”.  the bottom of the valet is embossed with a short, meaningful poem, reminding your husband that he is still the best for you. After years of marriage your husband will really appreciate this Easter.

17. Medcursor Foot Massager Machine with Heat

Is your husband on his feet most of the day, and at night his feet ache and he can’t get a good nights sleep? Being able to have a foot massage when he gets home could be just the thing. It is designed to help you unwind and relax with deep soothing massage designed to soothe your feet as it massages them.

It boasts multi-level settings and the intensity is adjustable- let him just sit back in his favorite chair when he gets home and let this handy home-help relieve that nagging foot ache. It has two modes: deep kneading and heat functions which you can adjust, and combine or separate as you would like to – deep foot massage has never been easier or more comfortable.

18. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

This Easter gift is for the golfer who has everything. Hours and hours on end in the outdoor elements mean that chapped lips are an ongoing skin problem-there is nothing more uncomfortable to live with; affecting how you talk, eat and have an after-golf drink at the club.

Burt’s Bees is gentle on his lips and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or petroleum products that can irritate or dry out your skin. Burt’s Bees lip balm is one of the most popular lip care products on the market.

This top selling product has been created to nourish and soften lips with a blend of natural ingredients like organic beeswax and fruit extracts for a unique experience for your mouth. The soothing formula is also non-staining! This 4 pack set of moisturising lip balm care soothes your husband’s chapped lips while leaving a pleasant, refreshing scent of fruits like strawberry and vanilla bean below your nostrils.

19. Phone Stand with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

Do you think there is a need for a gadget which you can charge your cell phone and listen to the game as you work at the same time- all in one convenient organiser – well, in fact that is exactly what this space organiser does.

The wireless Bluetooth Speaker from JTEMAN  is perfect for watching the big game or listening to your favourite artists while you work. The anti-slip base prevents your phone from slipping off, and the light-weight design allows you to take it anywhere!

It’s made with sturdy, durable material so it will last a long time. This speaker is compatible with all current iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy devices and more. It’s an affordable alternative to other smart phones speakers – compatible with both iPhone and android devices! It uses Bluetooth technology to stream music wirelessly from the cell phone to the speaker. The volume is crystal clear and full with true surround sound.

20. DELUXY Mr and Mrs Aprons For Happy Couple

Many couples relax by attending to the BBQ together or even share kitchen cooking duties for fun. No more messy spatulas and cooking utensils cluttering up your kitchen. No more embarrassing messes that only get worse when you try to clean them up. Get two matching aprons for the happy couple, with the Mr and Mrs printed on the polyester-cotton mix fabric, so they can work side by side in harmony!

This great off- the-shelf set solves the problems of ownership of the gear – the aprons are either for Mr or Mrs, and the rest of the gear, like heat-resistant gloves are printed with both Mr and Mrs. 

This cooking gear comes with a romantic recipe  book which will teach you delicious ways to cook up a storm and  you can stay cozy at home as well as enjoy some time with loved ones this Easter season, inside or in the garden. This is a fun gift for him  when you cook together- clearly defined what belongs to who cooking gear!

21. Hallmark Signature Card  

What makes Hallmark greeting cards so special? With over 100 years of history and experience to draw from, the Hallmark signature greeting cards are the perfect way to express your feelings. They have been delivering happiness for the last century.

The Hallmark team’s deep roots as printers and paper makers allows them to create premium quality greeting cards with classic designs that will last forever through many generations of loving use and cherished memories. This one is ideal for the avid gardener in the home – a  pop-up weeping willow with a heart design- but there are many more in this range as well.

22. Bronze Vintage Motorcycle Bottle Opener

Men who own home bars  often love the outdoors as well, and might even like biking – it’s all part of that-type-of-man culture. Does this sound like your husband? There is a company which designs vintage and classic motorbike replica bottle openers just for that kind of man to show off in his home bar while entertaining.

This vintage Harley replica bottle opener in bronze alloy is a must-have conversation piece for your husband – if he is “that kind of man”. Combine it with a card with some heartfelt words from your heart and your Valentines day celebration will be modest, but perfect.

23. DIY Gift Kits Hot Sauce Making Kit Deluxe Edition

Does your husband like to spend time preparing the BBQ and can’t wait to try a dab hand in the kitchen when he has time? Help him take his culinary interests to the next level with this DIY spice set – it’s perfect for that special man on your gift list who’s looking forward to something different to common old tools or gadgets this Easter.

This is the perfect kit for any guy who loves to blow his own mind with the most tantalizing flavor sensations. It includes an assortment of seeds, herbs and spices, giving you the tools to concoct a host of scrumptious flavors.

The kit includes only natural GMO-free,  pepper and spice ingredients – helping you make the feistiest home made concoctions in your neighbourhood. He’ll soon become known as the “sauce boss” amongst friends and family as he amazes them with his tantalising BBQ flavours all mixed and prepared at home!

24. Knock Knock What I Love about Us Fill in the Love Book

Why not buy this instead of an Easter card. It’s a journal in which you fill in the blanks with what you love about you and him. It will really touch him that you came up with so many ways to thank him for being him. Each page starts with a prompt- then you can complete the lines with anything as sentimental or witty as you like. It’s great fun – and he’ll love reading your creativity.

25. Tactical Pen (8-in-1)

If your husband or a boyfriend is a handyman , he will love to add this to his personal survival gear This tactical pen is the best choice for you if you are looking for multipurpose pen, with many utility tool in one.  The multi-functional head can be used to open bottle, emergency whistle, compass, fire starter and other tasks.

This is a well crafted compact tactical pen that combines many needed EDC tools in one very sturdy compact design. It has a great writing ballpoint pen on refill that never leaks and was tested under high pressure so ink won’t easily come out of barrel .  It has a premium glass breaking head that’s hard enough to break tough glass, but should not be used for other purposes like splitting wood or ice. The patented design is made of high strength aircraft aluminium, so its very robust and durable

To Wrap It Up

That wraps up our post on the best Easter gifts for your husband or boyfriend! We hope you found something you loved in here and that it inspires you to come up with an amazing surprise that’ll have him smiling all through the rest of this holiday season.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this list as much as we did compiling it. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and if you have any questions about any of these topics, don’t hesitate to contact us!