Dressing Up a Gift Card

A gift card can be the perfect present. It’s possible to get a gift card for almost any business, from a major department store to your local restaurant. A general gift card for a mall or superstore like Amazon or Walmart will be used and appreciated by almost anyone. They are good for any occasion, and even a small sum is a welcome gift. What’s more, giving a gift card is convenient and fast; it’s a lot easier than shopping for and trying to find the perfect gift.

Despite all these benefits, many people dismiss gift cards when it’s time to shop for presents. They feel that giving a gift card is impersonal and lacks creativity. Besides that, a gift card just looks pretty boring – even though most retailers offer cards with interesting graphics in a range of colors and styles.

Choose a Specialized Gift Card

One way to make gift card giving experience more personal is to choose a specific shop that you know the recipients love – like one that is related to their hobby or favorite food. Another way to add creativity and personalization is to package it in a fun and beautiful way. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this affordably and quickly, while still adding a creative touch.

Decorate an Altoids Tin or Other Candy Tin

Altoids tins are the perfect size to hold a gift card. They can be decorated by painting or decoupaging the outside with fancy paper. Add stickers, old jewelry,ribbon or glitter for embellishments. Inside, use confetti, shredded paper or tissue to make the gift card stand out. It’s a great way to reuse something that might end up in the trash otherwise, and the recipient can use the tin for small storage long after the gift card is used.

Package the Gift Card in a Pretty Way

Colored bags are inexpensive and can be found in any party or craft store, but even a plain brown or white bag can be dressed up. Use ribbon, fiber, and paper rosettes or tags to decorate the bag.

Another idea is to put it in a card, but not just any card. Make a card by hand – or purchase a handmade card – that is the perfect size to hold the gift card.

Decorate an envelope or gift box for the gift card. Choose the right size plain envelope or gift box, and embellish with pretty decorative papers, cut out shapes, and ribbon.

Put it in a Gift Basket

A gift basket basket will cost a little more, but is a great way to create a theme and personalize your gift. Include items related to the card if possible, like a mug, cup warmer and small bag of beans with a Starbucks card or some bath beads, lotions and sponges with a spa gift card. A simple bowl or basket filled with pretty wrapped candy and a gift card in the middle is also a great way to present a gift card.

There are plenty of ways to make giving a gift card as a present more punch and personalization to make both the giver and recipient feel excited about the gift.