40 Gift Ideas for Crocheters Who Love Handicrafts More Than Anything

Crocheters are arguably the most inventive and imaginative of crafters. It’s hard not to love a world where anything is possible, and simply by pulling loops through loops, any object becomes art. Even if you don’t know how to crochet yourself, crocheters can use their unique sense of whimsy to create something beautiful for anybody on your list–regardless of their skill level. In no particular order, here are some gift ideas that will keep any crocheter happy this holiday season:

# Gift Ideas for Friends

1. Funny Crochet Knitting Shirt

Would you like to give them something just as memorable as the items they make themselves, but also be sure it’s functional? This funny Don’t talk to me I’m counting shirt is perfect for any crocheter or knit enthusiast. Inspired by the Yarn Harlot’s famous quote and printed on 100% cotton material, this shirt is sure to please any crafty loved one. And since it’s a standard cut, size will not matter. This shirt is comfortable, durable and long lasting. Machine washable is a plus if you are dreading the thought of washing it by hand. This shirt is a great gift for your friend. Don’t be afraid to give a funny GIFT. It’s like giving someone the gift of laughter.

2. DIY Amigurumi Knit and Crochet Cactus Kit

If you have a crocheting friend in your life, then seize the opportunity to treat them to this DIY kit. This cactus is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to crochet or has already mastered this skill. The kit includes everything they need: yarn, needles, crochet hook, and a simple step-by-step instruction sheet. They’ll be able to endlessly create their own magic, whether that means making an amigurumi cactus or something else entirely! This gift promises hours of entertainment and satisfaction. What could be better than creating something new? Besides, they’ll love being able to display the finished product. Even if they become bored with the cactus project, they can always try crocheting another ornament with this excellent set. This gift is a great way to show appreciation for their efforts and support.

3. Funny Crochet Knitting Coffee Mug

It’s a funny coffee mug for crocheters who love to crochet. Want a gift for the crocheter who has or loves to crochet? A funny mug with knitting needles will get them laughing. The best part is that the person who receives this coffee mug comes with an exclusive Rogue River warranty and is microwave and dishwasher safe so it’s durable enough to last. Made from white ceramic it is bright and very durable in quality. It will last for years to come. It is 11 oz and is a great size for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any hot or cold drink. A precious gift for the crocheter that you know.​ You will notice the humorous slogan on the mug.

4. Friends Crochet Kits

This kit is perfect for the “Friends” fan in your life. Your friend will enjoy creating adorable crochet versions of their favorite characters, plus all the iconic scenes from the TV show. Your friend will be able to complete a set of personalized projects featuring the cast from Friends. This kit comes with a hard cover 80 page scrapbook. It features photos of your favorite characters, and there are step-by-step instructions on how to make their adorable crochet replicas. The kit includes all the materials. The kit comes in a custom box with an interior carrying handle that makes it easy to stash away or transport. Your gift recipient can turn to this book time and time again when they want to enjoy making something cute and fun.

5. Crochet Life Cosmetic Bag

Crocheters are always in need of supplies. And if you want to give something original, this crochet life cosmetic bag is perfect! The bag features a soft and comfortable high-quality canvas material that’s durable. The metal zipper is reliable and won’t damage easily. There’s a small rope on the side for easy carrying and an independent design with a novel theme. It can be used to hold daily necessities or other small items too! The bag will surely bring a smile to the face of the one you love. Be sure to include this as a thoughtful gift in your holiday shopping or special occasion celebrations.

6. EvelynShop Personalized Tumbler

Crocheters can be very particular about their gear, and this personalized iced tumbler is a thoughtful gift to show that you care. These eco-friendly stainless steel tumblers are made with double-walled insulation and fit in most automotive cup holders. A full day sitting on the dashboard of a car gets hot, so having a drink will stay cold and refreshing. They come in two different sizes, 20oz or 30oz because some people like their coffee strong while others prefer it light. This personalized iced tumbler is perfect for the more creative crocheter who is looking for a gift for a friend. If you have ever been to a store that sells crocheted products, you probably noticed that they vary in appeal; some are very pretty, others are merely functional. This personalized stainless steel tumbler will help your friend avoid any of this frustration.

7. Beautiful Crocheting Keychain

Impress your friends with this unique and useful gift. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or just to tell someone how much you appreciate them, this keychain makes an awesome present. It combines practicality with uniqueness. This unique accessory would look amazing on their desk and bag, but it’s not just for looks- it has practical purposes as well. The keychain includes multiple functions such as being able to fit into most standard locks or carrying around your keys with ease because the rectangle-shaped design will do the job just right. Best of all, the stainless steel material and engraving are both durable and can be used for a very long time! The perfect gift for a crocheter friend.

8. Crochet Project Journal

This high-quality journal with a beautiful cover is the perfect gift for any crocheter in your life. It has plenty of room for sketches, photos and notes so that friends can see what you are working on, easily find projects you completed and even record the type of yarn and colors used. Plus it includes spaces for recording: index pages to stay organized and access your favorite projects quickly. The durable materials ensure this journal will last a long time! If your friend loves to crochet then they will love this personalized journal from a brand that provides products that reflect quality craftsmanship & design excellence. Please note the dimensions of this personal log book are 8.5″ x 11″. It’s perfect for keeping in a purse or tote bag. The high-quality, durable materials make this item amazing! This beautiful book makes an ideal gift as it is sure to be treasured and admired by anyone receiving it!

9. Hand Knitted Fringe Wool Throw Blanket

Warm and cozy, this faux-fringe wool throw blanket is a fantastic gift for your friends or family members. This fringe blanket size 49 71 inch is made of acrylic which is machine washable and easy to care for. Made with quality material, it offers good choice in home, office or outdoor. It has a luxurious look and feel which flaunts the special design. Give this as a present to make your friends stay warm at home or in the office during cold nights; make it a perfect addition to their living room, guest room, bedroom, family room and RVS. It’s a wonderful gift for birthdays, Christmas, new years and all holidays. You will be happy to see the look of joy on their face when they receive this lovely blanket.

10. Unique Idea Crocheting Black Rope Bracelet

In case you’re familiar with the popular trend of crocheting, a black rope bracelet is a perfect way to embrace your crafty side. You can consider it as an ideal gift for crochet fans who would love to have something original from you! The handmade engraved bracelet is made of black and silver stainless steel and silicone, ensuring it’s resistant to corrosion, rust, and tarnishing. Adjustable in size from 8.5 cm to 25 cm with a simple knot – can fit anyone’s wrist, no matter if male or female! Comes packaged in an exquisite bag that will make this gift look even more special. It measures appx. 25 cm. The particularity of the black rope bracelet is that it’s made of natural colors – silver and black stainless steel. The colors won’t fade like real leather or dull in time like the painted ones. The contrast between them will only get stronger with each brushing or wearing.

# Gift Ideas for Her

11. Yarn Storage Bowl

We’ve got the perfect item for you, the Yarn Storage Bowl! This unique bowl was expertly smoothened on the entire surface with high-gloss finish, to prevent yarn from catching and tangling. It also has a slot curl at one side of the inside which allows yarn to be steadily fed through and eliminates any tangles. This portable bowl can easily be carried around in a project bag or purse. At 15x8cm large, it comfortably fits a 5 oz ball of yarn. This beautiful vintage fashion design will make an ideal present and is crafted by hand from sustainable bamboo with an eco-friendly lacquer finish. It also has a special slot for winding yarn which prevents the formation of knots, so her skeins will stay organized!

12. Crochet Techniques & Tips Book

If you’re looking for a well put together guide for learning or renewing her crochet skills, this book is just what you need. Your loved one is bound to love this thoughtful gift that covers a wide range of techniques and includes step-by-step instructions with accompanying pictures. There’s also more than 20 different crochet stitches and tutorials that cover every aspect of crocheting, including joining methods, edging techniques, spiral binding so it will lie flat when your eagerly anticipated gift is opened. Work up a storm in no time! This is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to start crocheting, or sharpen her skills or refresh her memory.

13. Teamoy Yarn Bag Organizer on Wheels

Everyone could use a little extra help in the area of organization and storage, and this Yarn Bag Organizer is perfect for that! With this spacious bag, she’ll be able to store her knitting supplies and tools with ease. This bag is also designed specifically with Crocheter/knitters in mind. There’s plenty of room for her needles, yarn balls, circular needles, spools of yarn, etc., making it a perfect fit for any knitter’s needs. The interior compartments are separated by elastic slots as well as a bottom flap to keep various hooks from falling out as she moves about. The bag also comes equipped with 8 slots for knitting needles in order to keep them secure and lightweight. This bag is a wonderful gift for any knitter/Crocheter, as it makes traveling with their supplies easier.

14. 100% Acrylic Fancy Yarn

For the crafty lady on your list, choose a gift that’s both beautiful and functional! Crocheters will love having this bright-colored yarn, which is sure not to split or fray. Made of 100% acrylic materials, it’s also resilient and provides hours of hassle-free knitting. This premium quality yarn is ideal for creating long-lasting dolls, socks, t-shirts, sweaters, blankets and more. The soft texture feels amazing against skin as well as adding some flair with unique patterns or embellishments. Plus it comes in a range of colors so you’re sure to find something perfect for any occasion. This yarn is great for the avid crocheter, as it has a variety of uses. Whether she is creating a fashion statement or just a pretty piece of art, this yarn will easily add some flair to any project.

15. Yarn Caddy Large Size Yarn Storage Organizer

The Yarn Caddy is a premium large size yarn storage organizer that can be used for knitting, crochet and other crafts as well! The unique fold-up wooden frame makes it strong and durable, with an easy storage idea. This handy product also features side pockets for additional organization of supplies. Made from a premium high quality cotton, this product has the ability to handle any material – from yarn, knitting needles and crochet hooks to other craft supplies! Order the Yarn Caddy now for the perfect material storage solution today! The wood cage is collapsible for easy storage when not in use. Durability meets creativity with this item which offers both strength and features not seen in other products of its kind!.

16. Crochet Cross Stitch Knitting Scissors

Crochet cross stitch knitting scissors might be perfect for that crocheter in your life who has a love of crafting and wants to do more. These scissors are made of high-quality stainless steel, and they come with an easy grip while also fitting nicely in most sewing kits or handbags. They can be used for up to 10 hours without any discomfort, meaning they’re a great choice whether you’re working on your latest crochet project or using them as everyday items. With their simple yet attractive design and premium quality, these scissors make the perfect gift for any crocheter who wants to keep their tools in tip-top shape. If you want to surprise your crocheting family member or friend, then this is definitely a great choice! The item will arrive on time as well. Thus, it’s a good choice if you’re looking at last minute gifts.

17. Tegg Knitting Accessories

Crocheters, knitters, and yarn enthusiasts: we’ve got the perfect gift for her! We’re talking about Tegg knitting accessories. These are U shape knitting needles, cranked cable needles, and yarn stitch holders that come in various sizes and shapes. Tegg accessories are made of high-quality aluminum with a soft-touch finish. They’re lightweight and convenient to use. They also have a smooth surface that is easy to pick up when weaving on the needle. This set of tools is suitable for wiring on different weights of yarns and meets all your needs as a crafter! The U-shaped knitting needle, cranked cable needle, and the yarn stitch holder of Tegg can be used with virtually all yarns of different weights.

18. Knitting Bag Backpack

Knitters love to carry their yarn with them, but not just around the house. The Crocheter Travel Bag Backpack is designed for knitters on the go! With enough space to fit up to 30 skeins of yarn (50g each), she can comfortably take her knitting projects with her wherever she needs to go. It’s also a great container for other tools that knitters will want while they’re traveling, like needles and hooks. The Crocheter bag is made with a padded steel frame that gives the bag structure and shape. The crocheted exterior offers a convenient surface for stitches to rest on, and you won’t have to worry about any yarn snags! There are also multiple pockets inside, as well as outside. This can help her organize supplies, keep track of projects, and most importantly, bring everything she needs so your knitting doesn’t have to stop while she is on the go.

19. Knitting Gauge Converter

This is a knitting gauge converter! It counts stitches and rows, divides them by the pattern stitch, and tells her how many rows to cast on or how many stitches per pattern. It measures standard US knitting needle sizes, so she can use it with any yarn. Plus it includes a built-in ruler! One neat feature is that it has a needle length selector that lets her choose between 10″ and 16″ needles. Just fill in the number of stitches across the row, and it will convert her gauge automatically. The ruler is clear and very easy to use. The knitting gauge converter is made of sturdy plastic and features an industrial-strength clear smudge guard to easily keep her gauge clean.

20. One Armed Hooker Novelty Gag Crochet Mug

A coffee mug is a gift that keeps on giving. This “One Armed Hooker Novelty Gag” crochet mug is an awesome option for a coffee drinker that loves to knit. In addition to being a great conversation starter and allowing the crocheter to drink coffee while they work, it also has openings in the handle so they can hook their yarn with the hook stored inside! With this humorous crocheting display, her fingers will never get cold! It’s hard not to laugh at this crocheted mug which looks just like a ball of wool. The clever gift is great for any crocheting gal that loves to drink her coffee while working on a new project. Her friends will love the funny look of it and most of all, her fingers will never get cold again! The unique mug also makes an excellent gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas or any other holiday or special occasion.

# Gift Ideas of Gift Sets

21. Everything Crochet Counting Crochet Set

Every crocheter, from the beginner to the expert, needs a Counting Crochet Set. With this set they will do more than just count rows and stitches – they will save their work every time! This set contains 9 interchangeable heads. The heads can be switched out to perform different tasks as needed like weft-patterns/edges, cables design, and a variety of textured stitches. This ergonomic design is designed for comfort and safety. The lightweight handle makes it easy to hold while long hours of crochet are being completed without having sore wrists or arms due to the weight of a traditional crochet hook. The battery is rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cable. The 9 in 1 aluminum heads have been crafted and designed to maximize the way a crocheter can work with one set of hooks. Hardened steel, the aluminum hooks are guaranteed never to rust or break.

22. Silly Monkey 3-in-1 Mitten Glove Sock Blocker Set

This Gift Set includes everything that she will need for her crafting passions; from gloves to blockers. She can now crochet and knit anywhere with this set of 3-in-1 Mitten Glove Sock Blockers that come in a set of 4 pieces (pairs). Set includes 3-in-1 Mitten Glove with sock blocker and a hanging rack. Easy to use. Absolute design and shape promotes a quick and efficient drying process. Made using sturdy stainless steel, strong and durable enough. Can be used for a longer period of time. Carefully crafted, smooth surfaces and rounded edges, comes with a hanging laundry drying rack which gives her extra space to work on her crochet projects while hanging them on the rack, it also has a hole at the top so that it can hang up nicely on any wall or shelf in your home or office space.

23. Toysmith Easy-To-Do Crochet Kit

The Toysmith Easy-To-Do Crochet Kit; perfect beginner set teaches the fundamentals of crocheting. You will find everything they need in this kit including a 14 page instruction guide to help get them started. It includes one plastic needle, two crochet hooks, and seven colors of yarn with ample materials included in this kit. This is a great gift to anyone who wants to learn about crochet or has been trying it for awhile but still finds it challenging. This kit will have them working on their very first project in no time. This has a lot to offer and would be a great beginner set for anyone who wants to learn how to knit but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. This is the right gift because it contains a full range of colors, so the crocheter can start off with the basics and maybe even try their hand at some stripes or something else fun.

24. Katech Crochet Hooks Kit with Case

The gift set contains 85 hooks of varying sizes and materials, which are all ergonomically designed to be comfortable to grip and not hurt your hand. The crochet hooks have also been marked with the size and a color-coded design that’s helpful for crocheting. The lock stitch markers will make it possible to secure stitches while they work, while the sewing needles come in handy when it comes time to sew things together. The plastic yarn needles will make it easier to thread yarn into the hooks. The pins and needles are helpful for keeping your project securely in place when they are done working on it. The set is perfect for crocheters, whether you’re working on a scarf or an afghan or a simple scarf, because of its ease of use and convenience. It allows them to feel secure in knowing that they won’t have to worry about constantly losing the markers or the needles.

25. Multicolor Knitting and Crochet Yarn Bulk

Colorful and beautiful, this multicolor yarn will keep crocheters busy for hours! This set of 1312 yards of quality imported yarn is perfect for beginners who want to get started with their new hobby. Comes in 12 bright rainbow colors, each skein has a weight of 4ply 3 dk and is 100% acrylic. Easy to work with, soft but not too thick so it’s easy to maneuver around when working on projects. Ideal for granny squares, crochet flowers, amigurumi shoes, hats or any other project they can think of! Great for all users! Makes a great gift for that special someone.

26. BeCraftee Crochet Hooks Kit

Get ready to experience crochet without the fatigue! That’s because now, when they’re crocheting for hours at a time, her hands won’t get sore thanks to these BeCraftee crochet hooks and how they’re designed. The BeCraftee Crochet Hooks Kit contains 9 different sizes of hooks in different colors with color-coded handles printed with both the letter size and number size of each hook. It also includes 2 stitch holders, 6 yarn needles, scissors, ruler, measuring tape, and a row counter. Its ergonomic, soft rubber grips are designed for your comfort. It has a smooth and tapered tip which prevents slipping or snagging. These crochet hooks are ideal for beginners as well as advanced crafters. The BeCraftee Crochet Hooks Kit is the perfect accessory for any crocheting needs. This kit makes a great gift!

27. KnitPal Sock Circular Knitting Needle Set

KnitPal Sock Circular Knitting Needle Set is perfect for beginner knitters or experts alike. The set includes 2 sock patterns, sailor rope DK socks and sail away socks. It includes 12 pieces of optimum quality needles and a comprehensive e-book that will teach your loved one how to achieve a gorgeous result in no time. These durable metal circular needles are break-resistant, join between the needles and cable is super strong and smooth, as well as being joined at the end of the cable with an easy click system. Join with ease and the cable separates into 2 needles so that you can knit 2 socks on one circular needle at the same time. It has many different needle sizes to ensure the right size for the project, and with 12 different needles included in this set, they will never need any other needles ever again!

28. 3pcs Giant Crochet Hooks Set

This pack of 3 giant crochet hooks might be the perfect present for anyone. Made from high-quality wood, these hooks are lightweight and long lasting – perfect for projects that require heavier yarns or tougher stitches. With their smooth finish and a groove to prevent splitting (and make it easier to find the end), these are also comfortable to use – we guarantee that your loved one will be pleased! Packaged in a reusable felt pouch with zip-up closure, these also make a fabulously easy gift wrap. This set of 3 giant crochet hooks would make an ideal gift for anyone who loves to create.

29. Sewing Seam Ripper Tool

A gift set for a beginner crocheter, this multifunctional tool kit includes a large stitch unpicker, small stitch unpick, seam ripper tool and more. The large stitch unpicker is 5.5 inch long with a sharp blade that’s effective and durable. The small stitch unpicker is 3.5 inches long with an easy and convenient clear plastic cap that can become an extension handle for your convenience. The seam ripper tool is included with a sharp blade and has a double-edged and replaceable blade design for long lasting usage. The thread snips are made of imported stainless steel with a special heat treatment and precision grinding process for extra sharpness. They have an innovative double-edged design that effortlessly cuts all fabrics, embroidery threads, fishing line and more. It comes in a clear plastic carrying case that’s easy to pack away. There are also three extra blades that come along with the gift set.

30. PandaHall Oval Purse Bottom for Crochet

These crocheter’s dream accessories are not just a great value but convenient to use. The material is soft and smooth to the touch with a rich and elegant appearance. These patches can be used for hand crochet bags, shoulder bags, knitting bags, backpack, handbag, pet bags, crossbody bags or DIY pad accessories that allow you to create beautiful items with your own creativity in mind. It has 4 pieces of oval bottom that is made of PU leather so it can be reused and durable as well. Its exquisite design leaves nothing more to be desired while the excellent appearance adds extra flair. It also features 4 fixed sturdy protruding nails which add stability to your purse or bag while maintaining a three-dimensional effect.

# Gift Ideas of Crochet Gadgets

31. Adjustable Knitting Loop Crochet

This is a set of 8 pieces with a beak design that can be used as loops to crochet and knit. The circles are feather-soft, easy to hang on the yarn, and open easily. With rings they can easily slide your fingers in and out while designing your project with relative ease. Made of quality metal material, they are resistant to rust and corrosion. They can keep this yarn in your bag or purse to protect their hands from blisters while working. The beak design makes it easy to hang on the yarn and control the circle conveniently. When designing various outfits, they can make use of the loopholes and easily slide your fingers into it. The opening design is easy to hang on a yarn with relative ease. The knitted circle is light-weight and comfortable, so they will not feel fatigue even after wearing it for a long time.

32. Gator parts Yarn Ball Winder

This set is all they need to crochet, with this tool they will save time and make yarn into perfect balls. The tools included in the set are perfect for any type of crochet work from crocheting to knitting. The swift is lightweight but very sturdy and easily attaches to a table, counter or work space. They can use the swift for balls of yarn or cones. It comes with a small pair of scissors which is perfect for cutting to length any loose end that they don’t want in their finished yarn ball. The small pompom maker will quickly and easily make pompoms from the loose ends at the end of a skein or when they are done knitting a project. They can also add this tool to their quilting supplies because it works great for making tassels for blankets, pillows, curtains and more.

33. Ashford Niddy Noddy

The Ashford Niddy Noddy is a vital and time-saving accessory for anyone who is a crocheter. It provides ease of creating neat skeins that are easy to store and winding yarn from the spinning wheel bobbin. Made from beech hardwood and dimensions are 8.25 x 15.5 inches, which allows it to produce 60 inch (1.5 meter) skeins. It is made of unfinished Beech hardwood, so it is bulky without the weight and durability of an actual wooden niddy noddy. This unique design allows yarn to be wound easily and neatly. And as an added bonus, it is easy for compact storage. The Ashford Niddy Noddy is a great tool for all kinds of yarn users, including crochet enthusiasts and sewing enthusiasts.

34. Weaving Loom Kit

The gift they’ll enjoy most is the weaving loom kit. The weaving loom kit is a great little gadget that works as a stand-alone device or with your existing knitting or crocheting project to create rugs, mats, tapestries and even more complex projects. The frame is built of pure natural wood material and will last for years. The weave can be easily changed by switching from one craft to another with a single heddle bar change. This heddle bar includes an extra large finger loop for ease of grasping and comes pre-integrated into the device. If they are a fan of anything handmade, this kit makes a great present for that special knitter or crocheter in your life.

35. Hdong Crochet Markers

Crochet markers are usually used as a tool to keep track of the locations of stitches on a crocheted piece, or when adding new design elements. Crocheter use them to show where they want the stitches added or to skip over rows and rows. These crochet markers come in 0.86 x 0.43 inch size and total 200pcs of knitting markers in the set which are made of high-quality plastic with no pointy and smooth edges. It comes in a mix of Candy colors and is lightweight with great flexibility. The package of these crochet markers is made of plastic and comes in a small box so that it is convenient and easy to carry around. Just take it anywhere you go. It’s the perfect gift for crocheters who are starting their own business, or even for those who are pros at crocheting.

36. Supkiir Yarn Ball Holder

Crochet enthusiasts will love this Supkiir Yarn Ball Holder that is made of quality metal, sturdy and shiny and will last for a long time. This well-polished and with electric welding dropper holds most skein balls and still rolls easily as well. This accessory is stylish & convenient for easy carrying anywhere, comes with its own chain bag design that goes hand in hand with your passion for crocheting! It’s an ideal gift to give anybody else who loves knitting or crocheting… Indeed, the Supkiir Yarn Ball Holder is a great item to own.

37. Barva Yarn Ball Holder

Crocheters love gifts that are handmade and specific to their hobby. This yarn ball holder is a great accessory for any crocheter. Made of natural organic material, the solid construction of this device provides stability without being heavy or difficult to use. It also fits into most space-saving corners for easy storage when not in use. For simple and easy knitting, this holder offers ease of use with a comfortable design. Crocheters have worked on planes, trains, cars — even on their laps! So whether you’re at home crocheting in your living room or trying to knit while working out at the gym, this ball holder will provide a convenient way to store crochet projects while away from home.

38. Crochet Blocking Board

A great gift for the crocheter or a knitting fanatic, this bamboo blocking board is made from a 1.5cm-thick bamboo wood center with walnut wood frame and comes complete with 24 stainless steel rod pins. This stand is sturdy and less prone to cracking, making it an ideal product for various projects — yarn dyeing hair extension, frogging… anything! It’s strong enough to protect any project you’re working on without hurting your hands, and it’s also fully equipped with rod pins that prevent scratches while you work! Truly the most essential household items when getting ready to create something new. This set would be perfect as a birthday gift or holiday present to your loved ones who love crafting.

39. Lighted Crochet Hooks

A new set of hooks, that’s what! They might not need it … but they want it! And if they don’t want it, I’m sure their other family members or friends do. The new lighted crochet hooks are a perfect gift for the crocheter who wants to be able to see what she is doing and doesn’t want those pesky lights on. The set of 5 lighted crochet hooks with 9 interchangeable size heads come in the sizes 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6.5 mm which are perfect for any sized project at hand. The lighted crochet hooks are perfect for arthritis sufferers, the elderly, and anyone with a weak or trembling hand and is unable to use traditional crochet hooks. The ergonomic handles make holding and using the lighted crochet hooks comfortable.

40. Tmango Head Mount Magnifier with Lights

The Crocheter in your life will be grateful for this gift. The Tmango Head Mount Magnifier with Lights is a nifty little gadget that will make any crocheting session easier and much more enjoyable. It works by magnifying the entire image and illuminating the stitches so that there’s no need for extra lighting or the use of a mirror. When finished attaching an item, simply flip up the lens and it will fold into itself and store away very easily in a bag or purse. This design is in an easy to read font and there is a series of directions to assist you in attaching the Tmango Head Mount Magnifier with Lights. It’s also made of sturdy plastic so it will withstand normal use and be able to store it away easily. We are certain that your recipient will be thrilled when they receive this gadget as a gift.