Creative Homemade Gift Ideas

It’s hard to think of both creative and budget-friendly gifts around the holidays. Here is a collection of ideas that won’t break the bank.

Homemade Bath Salts

It’s very easy to make homemade bath salt and it is a gift that ladies love. First, take about a cup or cup and a half of Epsom salt and put it in a bowl. Put two to three drops of food coloring in the bowl and mix well. Then, add a few drops of your favorite perfume to the mixture and about a spoonful of any kind of cooking oil that you have around the house. Mix all of these ingredients well and put it in a jar. Decorate the jar with a pretty ribbon around the top and there you have it!


Make a set of professional looking cupcakes using premade white cake mix, vanilla frosting and piping tip. Follow the directions on the cake box and you’ll be making cupcakes in no time.


This one is time consuming, but will be rewarding with a beautiful and practical final product that won’t break the bank. It’s easy to find resources to learn basic stitches on the internet and get advice on how to make the perfect scarf. An average scarf is made out of two balls of yarn, so go to the local store and buy several colors. Start working early on this gift because it can take several hours to complete a single project.

Marble Magnets

This is quick and easy and quite creative. You will need several clear, flat marbles, clear glue, small rounded magnets, and some old magazine or ads. The first step is cutting pictures, designs, words, or patterns out of an old ad. Cut each piece to fit on the back of the marble. Glue the paper to the marble back and then glue the magnet to the back of that and let it dry. Repeat again until you have the desired number of magnets. Sets of 5 or 10 make a unique and personalized gift.

Homemade Chocolates and Truffles

Learn online how to make chocolate truffles and mix the ingredients a little. Use combinations of dark, white, and milk chocolate and different coatings such as cocoa, sprinkles, or nuts to add some variety to your box of chocolates. Put the completed chocolates in a decorative box with a ribbon around the top and give to your friends!

Photo Frames

Go to the local craft store and get some plain wooden photo frames. Decorate them with paint, beads, glitter, or whatever else you can think of and insert a photo into the photo slot. Surely a gift to be treasured for years to come!


If you know how to sew, use some scrap fabrics to make a tote bag, purse, or laundry bag. It’s easy to get creative with scrap fabric by using different patterns and patched of fabric to make pockets or straps.


The local craft store will have a vast collection of beads and string at a low price. Find the favorite color of the person you are buying for and make them a necklace or bracelet.

Plate of Cookies

During the holidays, people love to eat. Homemade cookies are sure to be a hit. Make a few different kinds and serve on a decorate plate or tray.

One favorite recipe is jelly-filled cookies, it can be found here.