Creative Homemade Christmas Gifts

Christmas can be a stressful time, especially for families who are trying to watch their budget. Gifts are supposed to be given to show loved ones how much they mean to each other. However, today’s commercialized view of the holiday has turned it into a spending spree. With the modern economy in shambles and unemployment at an all time high, why not use this holiday to get creative and give homemade gifts that come from the heart?

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Homemade ornaments make a great gift that can be hung on the tree for years to come. There are many ways to approach making an ornament. A variety of materials could be used depending upon the individual’s preference. Here are just a few ideas for homemade Christmas ornaments.

  • Ceramic ornaments that can be hand-painted are sold at most craft stores nationwide. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and characters. Using small and medium paint brushes and acrylic paints, these ornaments will be unique and impressive. Even children can get creative and have fun while painting ceramic ornaments! Ceramic can break if not cared for appropriately.
  • Clear ornaments can also be found at most craft stores for a cheap price. Acrylic paint of a variety of colors can be poured into the opening at the top of the ornament to create interesting, abstract patterns. By moving the paint in a slow swirling motion, the once clear ornament comes to life with color and design. Topping this ornament with a ribbon bow would also be appropriate.
  • Picture ornaments are perfect for family members this holiday. A simple frame can be created using cardboard cut into a desired shape that is decorated with paint, glitter, bows, and more. The picture is placed from behind to show through the frame’s hole.

Crocheted and Embroidered Christmas Gifts

While these next ideas take some skill and practice, they make impressive presents that will definitely let family and friends know how much they are loved. There are many online sources that can teach basic crocheting and embroidery techniques for those who are inexperienced.

  • Scarves are great crocheted items that are practical, easy, and inexpensive. Many different textures, types, and colors of yarn can be purchased by the skein. Patterns can be found online, in crocheting magazines, and in craft books.
  • Matching crocheted hats and gloves patterns can also be found in a variety of places and would make great additions to this gift.
  • Embroidered stockings with each family member’s name on them will hold lots of meaning for loved ones. This gift idea will last for years and turn these typical fireplace decorations into personalized keepsakes. Having names embroidered on the stockings will also make Christmas morning more organized, as each member of the family will know exactly which stocking Santa prepared for them without having to dig through the goodies.

Get Creative!

These are just some ideas of ways families can give personalized gifts without spending too much money this holiday. Homemade Christmas gifts that take time, creativity, and love will mean more that the most expensive present found at the store. Family and friends are sure to know how much they are loved this holiday season with these ideas.