Creative 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Twenty five years spent together as a couple is worth celebrating. Silver is the traditional gift for the 25th anniversary. Silver picture frames, plates, candle holders and jewelry work for a traditional couple. For a more modern gift, consider departing from the silver theme while still relating the gift to the 25th anniversary. The anniversary gift ideas allow for customization so you can stay within your budget whether it is large or small.

Wedding Year Anniversary Gift Collection

The year the couple got married is the inspiration for this gift idea. Choose a gift for the couple that somehow relates to the year. You can also expand the gift to match the overall feeling of the decade. If the couple was married in the 80s, give them a gift basket filled with memorabilia from the decade. Ideas include an 80s movie, book, Rubik’s cube or CDs of their favorite 80s musicians. The walk down memory lane transports the recipients back to the time when they first met and got married.

Then & Now Pictures

A 25th anniversary gift that recognizes both the past and the present is a then-and-now picture gift. Choose a picture frame with two sides, one for a wedding picture and one for a current picture of the couple. Gift stores and other retailers that sell home furnishings often sell anniversary frames specifically for this purpose. Choose a frame with a silver finish if you want to relate to the traditional silver gift for the 25th anniversary.

25 Items for the 25th Anniversary

Instead of focusing on the silver theme, focus on the number of the anniversary by giving the couple 25 of a particular item. The selected item depends on the interests and tastes of the couple. Wine drinkers will appreciate 25 bottles of wine. A gardening couple will appreciate 25 flowers, either cut or potted for the garden. Twenty-five pieces of gourmet candy from a local candy shop is a general option fitting for nearly any couple. Another option is to make a gift basket with 25 different items in it. Get creative with your gift options keeping the preferences of the couple in mind.

25th Anniversary Scrapbook

A scrapbook takes more work, but documents the 25 years of the couple’s marriage in a keepsake gift. Work with the couple or close friends and family to collect pictures from the last 25 years. Start with the wedding day, or go back to when the couple first met. Include major events such as vacations, children, grandchildren and moves. For a group gift, have each person make a few pages of the scrapbook adding a personal touch to the gift. If you are throwing a 25th anniversary party, have each guest write a personal message to the couple on decorative paper. Leave space at the back of the scrapbook to hold these special messages.

25th Anniversary Gift Tips

Creativity in the couple’s anniversary gift shows that you put thought into the present. No matter what you decide, keep the couple’s interests in mind to make it a gift they will both enjoy.