Create Your Own Attention-Grabbing Gifts Tags This Christmas

When making a Christmas card, it is easy to create a coordinated Christmas gift tag for an accompanying Christmas present at the same time. There are several techniques for making attractive Christmas gift tags.

Plastic Templates for Christmas Gift Tags

  1. Place your chosen template on a sheet of card. Use a sharp HB pencil to draw through the template onto the card. To save paper and time, you can line the template up with a straight edge of the card, to avoid having to cut one of the sides of the gift tags. Remove the template and cut out the shape with scissors.
  2. Use a holepunch to punch a hole in the top of the Christmas gift tag for threading. Hold the punch upside down and slot the Christmas gift tag into the punch so that the pencil mark made form the template is visible through the punch. This allows you to position the gift tag correctly. Use an eraser to rub out any pencil marks left on the Christmas gift tag.

Rubber Stamping Your Christmas Gift Tags

These are a quick way of making unusual Christmas gift tags. They can be printed with a standard inkpad or you could take the creative process further and use heat embossing.

A tag stamp can contain any number of elements in its design. These can be highlighted with different colors of a brush marker applied directly to the stamp. Brush markers allow you to color in specific areas. The stamp can be printed on colored card, then cut out with scissors, a hole punched in the top and silver or gold cord threaded through.

Punches for Making Christmas Gift Tags

Punches can be used to cut out tags from card in moments, with many different sizes to choose from, the min punches being ideal for making tags to embellish cards.

Die-cutting Your Christmas Gift Tags

Place a die-cut template on a base plastic sheet, then place your card on top, ensuring that the entire template is covered. Place the second plastic sheet on top, then place all four layers in the die-cutter. Turn the handle to draw the ‘sandwich’ through. Once on the other side, remove the top layer to reveal the gift tags.

Cutting Shapes for Your Christmas Gift Tags

Place a sheet of card on a cutting mat. Put a plastic tag template on top and hold in place with one hand. Position the cutting tool inside the tag shape with the swivel blade at the edge. Drag the tool around the template to cut the shape.

Using a Sewing Machine to Make Your Christmas Gift Tags

A sewing machine is a quick and easy way to decorate a Christmas gift tag (or Christmas card). Cut a gift tag using a template and then cut a slightly larger version. Stitch the two together with a zigzag stitch.