Craft and Embellish Over a Dozen Handmade Gift Tags

Why make a gift tag? It is a fun and fast kids’ craft – a bit of miniature art that they can give to family and friends (and the family’s friends). Adults may find crafting a gift tag a more personalize touch, a final act to show how much thought went into the gift.

Each tag takes just minutes to create and a variety of materials can be used. You can go to a craft or stationery store and purchase inexpensive pre-cut gift tags or create your own. Use the following craft ideas on the side of the card where you write ‘to’ and ‘from’ or decorate the back of the tag and simply write the names on the front.

No-Tag Gift Tag Craft Ideas

Skip the gift tag and make the gift recipient’s name part of the gift wrapping. Use paper that doesn’t have a busy pattern. Keep the name large so you can work with these different materials. To prevent the glue from soaking through to the gift, cut a second or third sheet of gift wrap and layer it onto the area you’ll be decorating. Attach the extra paper with invisible tape.

Yarn Name – With white glue, write the name of the gift recipient in large cursive letters. Then, take a piece of smooth yarn (either thin or thick) and press it into the glue, following the script letters.

Chenille Stem Name – Use white glue to write the name of the gift recipient in large, printed letters. Press chenille stems into the glue, bending the wire so each stem forms a letter.

Glitter Name – Write the name in white glue. Sprinkle on glitter. Shake the excess glitter onto a plate or tray to use on another gift. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly. Another option is using glitter glue.

Nature Crafts

Pine Cone Art – Take tiny pinecones that aren’t sap-covered and spray paint them gold or silver. When the paint dries, glue them onto a gift tag in a wreath, star, or any other pattern desired.

Make a Tree – Use an inexpensive paintbrush to apply white glue to dry evergreen needles. With tweezers, place each needle on a gift card so the needles form an evergreen tree.

Paper Craft Gift Tags

Dots – Use a hole punch to make dots that you then glue onto a pre-made gift tag. Make a stripe or two of horizontal, diagonal, or vertical lines to add contrast to the color of the tag.

Sticker Dots – Use white sticker dots to make a snowman on a colored tag. Then decorate the snowman’s features with marker.

Punch Art – Use a paper punch to cut out a holiday shape. If the paper shape is large enough, write ‘to’ and ‘from’ on the shape. Otherwise, use small punched shapes to decorate the gift tag.

Stamp Art – Decorate a gift tag with rubber stamps. Accent the design with glitter.

Doilies – Glue the lacy edges of doilies to bright or dark color gift tags.

Origami Paper ­ – Cut printed origami paper into gift tags or glue them on top of pre-made tags.

Paper Shapes – Trace cookie cutters to shape stockings, mittens, trees, candy canes, etc. Cut the shapes from solid color paper or cardstock. Embellish with ribbon, buttons, rhinestones, etc.

Craft Material Embellishments

Ribbon Tag – Find a piece of ribbon as wide as the gift tag. Glue the ribbon to one side of the tag. You can even allow the ribbon to hang off the narrow edge of the tag and trim it into a point or two.

Chenille Stem Art – With white craft glue, draw a simple design onto a piece of cardstock. Apply a glittery chenille stem along the glue. When the glue dries, cut out the shape and apply it to a wrapped gift.

Felt or Foam – Cut gift tags from felt or craft foam. Write names with fabric paint.

Loose Glitter – You can paint glue over any object – tiny pinecones, small ornaments, candy canes, etc. – and then sprinkle it with glitter. Attach to a gift tag.

An individual can use any craft ideas and materials they have to embellish plain gift tags. These are great crafts for kids – small and quick to produce they help kids feel a part of the holiday excitement.