Two Worlds

Basic human needs inspires sculptor Leslie Fry
Vermont-based sculptor Leslie Fry bridges two worlds: natural and man-made. Her work is inspired by basic human needs from food to consciousness. Fry’s work has been on exhibit across the United States and abroad since 1977. Her installations can be found in museums, public urban spaces, parks, and town squares. Pomerleau Park, her first big commission in collaboration with architect Stephen Schenker, was made for Burlington, VT almost 20 years ago, turning a high-traffic area into a circular park that consisted of 20 concrete sphinx figures atop of ivy-covered columns. 
She notes in her artist statement that her choice of materials for her drawings and sculptures are of plants, paper, clay and fabric combined with plaster, concrete, metal and resin. In her blog post, “Ode to Concrete” she provides readers with a near tactile and visual experience of what it’s like to sculpt with concrete: “Building up concrete is slow going; it wants to slump, so each layer has to be added after the previous day’s work has hardened (but not cured; best to keep working while the concrete is fresh). That means no social life until the project is done.”
Her current series, Supports, features drawings and sculptures “that meld architectural details with human anatomy and expression—visual poems of structure and life. Forms are precariously stacked, evoking different meanings of ‘support’: balance, endurance, spirit, bearing weight, holding together, and falling apart,” Fry notes in the series statement.
Inspiration comes from diverse influences from literature, psychology and mythology, but also from medieval architecture to the theatrical narratives of William Kentridge. 
Fry has been exhibited in venues around the world including Artists Space and Exit Art in New York, Kuntshaus in Hamburg; Hangaram Art Museum in Seoul; Couvent des Cordeliers in Paris; and Centre des Arts Visuels in Montreal. Her work is currently on exhibit at the Mitchell-Giddings Gallery in Brattleboro, VT.
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