Shane Fero’s fine feathered friends
With spring finally arriving to the northeast, every morning I’m greeted with the tweeting and chirping of birds. Although most mornings I see (and hear) tiny brown sparrows, chickadees, or robins, on occasion I’ll spot a blue jay making his claim on a piece of bread. If you are fond of birds, and are planning a visit to Cambridge, MA, stop by Mobilia Gallery to view Shane Fero’s colorful and delicate glass avian collection. 
Fero has been a flame worker for 45 years. His artwork has been heavily inspired by nature, philosophy, ancient Egyptian mythology and surrealism. Breaking away from traditional vessel decoration techniques to use furnace glass in free-form designs. From Mobila-Gallery’s introduction to Fero’s work: 
 Using colored glasses in rods, canes and powders to paint on the object’s surface, Shane Fero accomplishes the swirling patterns and mysterious movement of color in his work. His blown pieces are achieved by the controlled forcing of air into clear glass tubes while molten, with the colors added in an overlay technique. Fero’s figurative forms are the result of the manipulation of glass rods in a flame torch, alternately adding to and coiling the molten glass in sequential steps until the desired form takes shape.
In a video interview, Fero discusses his background and shows viewers his process.
For more information about Shane Fero and his work visit or


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