Visual Poetry


Within the raucous and flamboyant domain that is Burning Man, this year there was a humble, fragile installation titled Of A Temporary Nature. Tennessee-based artist P. Michael Quinn imagined, created, and installed the sculpture in the hostile environment of the Nevada Black Rock Desert. In contrast to the monumental expressions that dominate this annual gathering, Quinn offered a quiet contemplative moment.
As explained in this video, Fairy Shrimp are the smallest of creatures. Their lives are short, unnoticed and sustained by rain. Yet for the duration of Burning Man, Quinn’s Fairy Shrimp danced with the desert winds under the bluest sky. Of A Temporary Nature is a visual poem, graceful and elegant. Quinn wants us to consider a humanity that is vulnerable, tentative and fleeting. He offers a message of optimism, celebrating the Fairy Shrimp who live peacefully and do no harm as they have for millions of years.
“Of a Temporary Nature” was supported in part by a grant from Burning Man.