Tea & Tequila

Bringing Mexican craftsmanship to Britain

Infusing Mexican handmade designs with a London flavor, Bristol University graduates Sarah Goodwin and Millie Wilson came together a year ago to create their brand ‘Tea & Tequila’. Founded in 2015, Tea & Tequila sources and exports lifestyle products created by Mexican artisans to the UK. “I spent a year abroad in Mexico, as part of my Spanish degree. Here I was inspired by Mexico’s rich and colorful culture and I was eager to share the very best of it with the UK. Millie, a sociology student and my housemate throughout my time in Bristol, came out to visit me and immediately shared my passion for Mexico’s magic, color and vibrancy. So together we combined our interests to source and export products that embody Mexico’s rich and colorful culture,” says Sarah.

Blending Mexican and British design, the brand produces handmade luxury accessories, jewelry, homeware, furniture, as well as premium drinks. “We design interpretations of authentic Mexican products, such as our signature clutch bags, in conjunction with skilled native artisans who make them by hand. We have been working on our Tropical range which reflects the fun and color of Mexico combined with current fresh designs suitable for our well-travelled, fashionable clientele worldwide. In doing so, we are able to provide small Mexican communities with jobs and to provide them with a platform from which we can export our wonderful shared creations,” explains Millie. Their products vary from traditional furniture, hand-made, gold-plated semi-precious gemstone jewelry to traditional Mexican drinks, such as their popular Mezcal Amores. Their furniture range incorporates the Acapulco Chair, an iconic design constructed by hand by Mexican artisans. It has a steel frame and a recycled UV filtered PVC woven cord shell creating the seat. Originating in the 1950s in Acapulco, the chair continues to have a contemporary style and a durable, comfortable finish. For jewelry, Mexican amethyst and quartz stones in a range of colors are hand cut into gems in Mexico City.

The Tea and Tequila trading company is run from both sides of the world with Sarah being based in Mexico City and Millie managing it from London. Skilled artisans from across Mexico collaborate on the designs to create the product range and present their work to a wider audience in the western world. “Our designs can be found in our online shop and in various boutiques across the world, which embody our Tea & Tequila tropical style. Our brand ethos is centered on sustainability and development of the Mexican craft industry to showcase hidden talents through our brand’s contemporary edge and route to market. As we continue to grow and develop, we wish to continue to extend our lines and provide people with a variety of extraordinary products from both of these rich and beautiful cultures,” concludes Sarah.

Find out more at https://www.teaandtequilatrading.com



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