Sugar Diabetes Diet Considerations for Diabetic Gift Baskets

Many people who have diabetes follow a diet geared to help them manage their blood glucose levels. Many specialized gift baskets contain both food items and items that have been specially selected for the gift basket’s intended recipient. Knowing what food and specialty items to include in a diabetic gift basket is very important.

Diabetic Gift Baskets — Include Specialty Items

Creating a specialized diabetic gift basket can be a lot of fun if you have a general idea of the types of items that are useful to someone who is diabetic. Listed below are some great ideas for useful and fun items that can be included in a diabetic gift basket.

  • Diabetic Cook Books — everyone loves cookbooks, especially diabetics, since they are faced with the daily challenge of having to prepare flavorful, low sugar, and low carbohydrate meals.
  • Skin Lotion — there are many different types of lotions on the market, do a little research and pick a lotion that is recommended to help diabetics manage dry or damaged skin.
  • Finger and Toenail Trimming Kits — many diabetics have trouble taking care of their nails properly, particularly their toenails. A kit that includes a nail cutter, a file, and a small pair of scissors is invaluable to a diabetic.
  • Kitchen Food Scale — a food scale is a must have for diabetics since many diabetic diets use foods weight as a serving guide; for instance, a diabetic diet might allow for a lean 4 or 6 ounce piece of steak for dinner.
  • Specialty Teas and Flavored Coffees — Tea and coffee are normally beverages that a diabetic can enjoy without having to worry about nutritional content.

Diabetic Gift Baskets — Include Low Carbohydrate and Sugar Free Items

When adding food items to a diabetic gift basket, be sure to remember and choose items that are low or no carbohydrates, and sugar free, whenever possible. Fresh fruits and nuts are also good choices. Listed below are a few ideas you can make use of when looking for practical and tasty food items to include in a diabetic gift basket.

  • Seasoning packets for salads, meats, or soups — most seasoning packets contain simple diabetic friendly spices. Seasoning packets make it simpler for a diabetic to flavor their meals without adding unnecessary sugar or carbohydrates. Be sure to check the seasonings nutrition label to be sure it does not contain high levels of sugar.
  • Candy and cookies — are both good choices if they are sugar free. Low or reduced sugar, or no sugar added labels can be misleading, so always be sure to check the nutrition table on the back of the product.
  • Fruits and Vegetables — are great colorful additions to any gift basket. While fruit does have natural sugar, most diabetics can still enjoy eating fruit in moderation. Look in the produce section at the supermarket for individual size vegetable snack packs. Vegetable snack packs are a healthy addition to gift baskets, and some even come with a fat free dipping sauce. Make sure there is a nutritional guide on the snack pack that lists the sugar content for the dipping sauce.

Diabetic Gift Baskets — the Perfect Gift for any Occasion

Knowing what food and specialty items a diabetic will enjoy eating and using, is an important step in creating a specialized diabetic gift basket. Anyone who follows a sugar diabetes diet will love receiving a gift that has been specially, tenderly, and lovingly put together, with his or her specific needs in mind.