Structure and Patterns

Capturing nature’s cycles

While persuing Artistry in Fiber: Sculpture, George-Ann Bowers fiber sculptures called out to me. We share the same interest in structure, patterns, and texture in nature. While I take macro photos of leaves, tree barks, rocks, and dilapidated structures and then fiddle with the images enhancing the color and lighting and adding filters in a photo editing application, George-Ann uses fiber and paint to duplicate what she sees in nature as shown in her extraordinary woven pieces.

Born and raised in California, Bowers, who works from a small studio in Berkeley, primarily weaves. Trained at the well-respected California College of Arts in Oakland and  as well as Fiberworks Center for the Textile Arts and Pacific Basin School of Textile Arts in Berkeley, she explains in her artist’s statement the role of nature in her art:

“My work celebrates the infinite intricacies of the natural world. I am intrigued by the structure of trees, seed pods or rock formations, see weaving patterns in canyon walls, and thrill to the fine lacework of lichens on rock or bark. Color, contrast and texture are important elements in my work, as is dimensionality, whether implied through visual illusion or in actual form. My work captures fleeting moments in nature’s continuing cycle of creation, destruction and change. Growth, decay, eruption, erosion, and the interplay of light and shadow all provide inspiration for my creations.

For woven pieces, I weave in multiple layers using a variety of yarn fibers, and frequently paint on the yarn itself during the weaving process. I also work with woven sculpture and eccentric shaping, and often use clothing shapes as a framework for nature imagery, illustrating a connection and juxtaposition between the natural world and the human body. In non-woven sculpture, I use materials such as wool, flax fiber or sewing thread along with various construction techniques to build forms echoing those I find in the outdoors.”

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