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The Quirk and Magic of Skinny laMinx
A self-taught illustrator by the name of Heather Moore turned her funky, lively aesthetic into a business named after her Siamese cat, Monkey. She draws pleasure from beauty and her home of Cape Town, South Africa, driven by the spirited desire to inspire others with the company’s screen-printed graphic designs. The designs are paper cut, the company’s ethics include ingenuity, big heartedness, and eco-consciousness.
Skinny laMinx collaborates with brands like Tim Martin wines, Chronicle Books, and Frazer perfumes. The label is a manifestation of wit and design begun in 2007, and employing, as of 2017, twenty like-minded and skilled artisans. When the shop opened in 2012, the company created a charming stop motion video that tells their story in all its colorful, joyful glory. Indeed, charm is the counterpoint of the label’s brand.
Read below for the interview graciously given by Laura Turok, speaking on behalf of the company’s press department:
What inspired your company to work with local artisans?
South has an unemployment rate of 26.7%, which is a large part of why we produce in our own country. The once-flourishing garment industry in Cape Town has been destroyed by cheap imports, putting many skilled cutters and sewers out of work. By producing our products locally, we can contribute to the wellbeing of our society, while building pride in our nation's creativity.
How do your artisans create your products? What kind of tools and materials do they use? 
We use a Cape Town screenprinting company to print our patterns onto natural-fibre basecloth using waterbased inks. These fabrics are cut, stitched, finished and packaged by a small team of seamstresses on our premises, in the production studio above our shop in central Cape Town.
What do you envision for your brand's future?
While we know that Skinny laMinx colours and patterns make our customers feel joyful, we believe that the happiness caused by an end product should also be felt by the person who made it. This is why we'd like to see Skinny laMinx grow slowly and sustainably in a manner that allows us to continue enjoying every day at work.
What does your company plan to showcase at NY NOW?
We'll be showing the Skinny laMinx range of patterned textile homewares and accessories, which includes exuberantly-patterned pillows, tea towels, aprons, sturdy shopping bags and cute zip pouches.
Skinny laMinx’s unflinching take on quirky textiles influenced by both mid-century patterns and African elegance will be exhibited for potential buyers at NY NOW’s Artisan Resource August 12-15 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.
For more information and to buy these products, please visit:


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