Rubbish Scented Dresses

Dumpster Design’s upcycled haute couture

We live in a time where hyperboles of ethical creativity are the norm and sustainability within the fashion realm are in short supply. With designer Katherine Hamnet pronouncing the fashion industry as the most wasteful industry in 2004, there have been very few designers able to tackle the arduous challenge of creative fashion design while mitigating waste. However, one fashion line in particular has taken the idea of waste couture to the next new level. Creating specialized one-of-a kind dresses made entirely from recycled materials, Dumpster Design takes an eco-friendly approach to fashion, resulting in unconventional and eye-catching bespoke pieces. With Dumpster Design being the epitome of wearable art they are able to hand craft custom made dresses from trash that would have otherwise be thrown away.

In an exclusive interview with Dumpster Design's founder/designer Daisy Harris-Burland states that her brand holds sustainability in high regard. “Its impossible to make every creation 110% eco-friendly but the core message behind each dress is very green.” With fashion and clothing markets becoming progressively more disposability oriented, Dumpster Design focuses on utilizing industry undesirables to create stunningly beautiful garments. In an effort to steer away from a conventional design aesthetic, this Europe-based designer draws her inspiration solely from her recycled materials, revealing that, “When it comes to manipulating materials I am fully at the mercy of the material in question. It is all about pushing each material to its limits stretching it to the exact point just before it breaks.” As an artist, innovator, and pioneer of ethical fashion, she is able to push the boundaries of design and give couture a new foundation.

Dumpster Design has been featured in Vogue, Marie Claire magazine and been named as “the one to watch” in the International Radical Designer Awards, held in Monte Carlo. However, with less than two years of establishment under their belt, they are in the process of adding their first collaboration with the world-leading fashion house Christian Dior. Old Dior perfume tester cards will be used to design an upcycled dress that will once again challenge their creativity and inspire change. In addition, this collaboration will allow Dior to highlight its own eco-awareness and show the world that they are contributing to the sustainability movement.

By teaming up with one of the most dynamic and influential luxury fashion brands, Dumpster showcases a beautifully crafted dress while using this opportunity as a platform for awareness. Daisy comments on this venture, “I think doing such projects raises company awareness. It brings attention to the fact that every company produces surplus branded materials and shows that they can be used in as a creative, effective way of advertising rather than just being thrown away. Collaborating with huge companies such as Dior is a massive achievement.” Daisy sees longevity for her company, but like any other pioneering brand in its infancy, she is taking it one day at a time. Dumpster Design has long term plans to reach international markets, but for right now she is relishing in the moment of completing the Dior dress. The jaw dropping creation stands at the Portsmouth’s Knight and Lee store in the United Kingdom.

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