Acube Worldwide Elevates One-Stop-Shopping


There is a movement that challenges the modern professional to put aside a lifestyle of consumption and hectic order, and instead invest in an adventure that promises community and creativity. One such group of Silicone Valley professionals heeded this call and returned to their native India. What they actualized was Acube World, a project that establishes the cottage industry of their homeland as a viable contender in the global marketplace. Because of this, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and other pioneers in the artisanal revolution can provide the astute client with handmade Indian products.
The partners behind Acube World sought to do more than provide one-stop-shopping. They give soul to their enterprise, empowering indigenous female artisans through work with several non-for-profits, and ingenious upcycling of scrap fabric.
When Hand/Eye Online asked about the process behind the product line Acube Worldwide has to offer, Nidhi B. Mehta, a partner, responded via email. “Our production process starts out with receiving a design from our buyers – in just a sketch form or an image or even a concept that they are describing – we then finalize the design and get blocks carved for the design. Once that is done, the blocks are passed on to the block-printing artisanal units where they conduct the printing process by hand. This is a lengthy process and requires patience, practice, and precision. Some of the block- printing artisans have been doing this for up to 50 years and are experts who then pass on their valuable skills to apprentices. As a matter of fact, it’s a family tradition that’s taught and passed on through generations.
For each of our product we have different artisan groups who specialize and work on that product only. So, what we provide our customers are specialized unique high-quality products. We have gone a step further to provide end-to-end solution to our buyers. So, we also offer complete packaging solutions – fabric, jute, juco, handmade-paper, recycled-paper and other such packaging solutions along with branding hang-tags for their products. We also get photoshoots done for our buyers, so they can immediately start selling their products online or start preparing their look-book(s)/catalogue(s) while the goods are being shipped to them. Besides, it also proves to be more cost effective!”
Mehta shares her excitement about what they’re bringing to NY NOW’s Artisan Resource at the Jacob Javit’s Center in New York City from February 4-7. “This is our First International Show and at NY NOW, whereby, we will be displaying our hand-block premium cotton range of baby and kids’ product range (nursery, bedding, diapering, clothing & beachwear) along with matching resort-wear (kaftan, tunics, t-shirt, robes, men’s shirt, scarves, stoles and slings) for mums and dads.
Again, our specialty is working in hand-block and hand-screen printed cotton fabrics, azo-free printing and practicing zero-wastage in production; our production wastage fabric is upcycled to create beautiful artisan jewelry, key chains, bag charms, hair accessories and plush toys. We have got special Upcycled Fabric Keychains made from our production wastage fabric as giveaways at our stall to visitors. We hope to be enablers to every dreamer, artist and entrepreneur!”
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