From Panajachel to the World

Atelier Puro Utz Pin Pin colorful handbags

Puro Utz Pin Pin founder Carlos Perez has been in the handmade world all his life. “Since childhood I have worked with my family to sell the work of talented Guatemalans. At first I collected goods from artisan workshops to sell in my small store. Now my wife and I design collections of handbags not just for our store, but for the world,” he says proudly.

The Guatemalan roots of Puro Utz Pin Pin product are expressed clearly in vibrant colors and motifs whose origins come from the fantastically varied collars of huipiles, square tunics usually with densely embroidered necklines. Each highland village seems to have its own pattern and color language, making huipiles a veritable library of design.

Perez’s workshop, not far from the exquisite waters of Lake Atitlan, employs skilled textile makers as well as leather craftsmen. Their work comes together in handbags whose functionality and originality are part of their value. “Each piece is unique,” says Perez, “because the men and women who make them give each one their personal touch.”

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