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Severino Antonio de Lima’s pottery

Ceramist Severino Antonio de Lima earned the nickname Nena at an early age. His introduction to working with clay came through his wanderings through the neighborhood of Mauriti, located in the state of Pernambuco in the Northeast region of Brazil. It was there where he learned his craft via the teachings of Mr. Celé, a master ceramist. Through Celé’s instruction, Nena learned to make bricks and tiles, and later advanced to creating more elaborate pieces such as jugs, bowls and vases.

As one of the youngest craftsmen working with clay, Nena is one of the few of his generation who is fully involved in the entire process of design and creation. His designs fulfill both form and function—utilitarian and decorative—that launch a dialogue between traditional craft fused with contemporary design.

The aesthetics in his pieces reveal both sensitivity and ingenuity. Nena’s inspiration and process comes from his surroundings, experimenting with forms, shapes and textures that he "sketches” directly onto the clay. His most recent work is directed to interventions in traditional products’ surfaces, creating new textures.

Nena is recognized for his respect and dedication to his craft by his partners and specialists including architects, journalists and opinion leaders. At 52, his focus is to engage and teach aspiring artisan within his community the craft of the pottery.

In 2016, he was honored by the Masters’ Alley of the Seventeenth National Handicraft Business Fair – Fenearte, held in Recife, northeastern Brazil, recognized as the largest craft fair in Latin America.

The work of Nena and other artisans from the Crafts Center Architect Wilson Campos Jr. is available at the center, the Fenearte (the largest Latin America craft fair), in the Pernambuco Craft Centre located in Recife and via, clients can interact directly with the producer and adjust price, delivery time, and shipping and custom forms.

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