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TARA Projects Noble Deeds

Way back in 1973 Tara (Trade Alternative Reform Action) Projects had a grand vision: to defend the rights of the poor. This noble deed, however, started modestly. Working within a 125-mile radius of Delhi, Tara worked on the elimination of unfair trade practices and child labor, in addition to stopping the exploitation of artisans. Word got around and the project gradually extended it very worthy activities to other parts of Northern India.
As one of India’s pioneering organizations for community development and business, Tara offers numerous support services to the production and marketing of handcrafts while addressing developmental issues as well as vocational and informal education for women, children, and artisans who are helped by the program.
Tara Projects funds and maintains numerous non-formal schools and vocational centers in addition to adult literacy centers. Tara also leads several campaigns against illegal child labor practices, ecological and environmental issues, and women’s education. The programs are primarily funded by the sale of handcraft, and through organizations like Oxfam GB in India, retailers such as 12 Small Things by HAND/EYE and Ten Thousand Villages.
As the momentum picks up for Tara Projects the mission for the next few years is to continue expanding and upgrading facilities, promoting fair trade among craft producers in northern and other parts of India.
Major handicrafts produced by the artisans at Tara Projects include a wide variety of goods ranging from jewelry to puppets; decorative brass and soapstone items for the home; and wood carved boxes, photo frames, as well as glass products.
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