A Million Moments

The Importance of Remembering
Life is made up of millions of moments. The seemingly small things we do everyday add up to a beautiful, unique life story. Some people like to write a journal or take photographs. Others combine the two and create scrapbooks or digital yearbooks. As a fiber artist I use thread and the remnants of everyday life to create abstract embroidery pieces that hold the memories in color and texture. 
I’ve never been good at keeping a written journal but I’ve always had an obsession a tendency to collect fabric, yarn, and string before I really knew what to do with any of it. The textures and colors were so compelling to me I had to have them. I kept spools of weaving yarn, fabric from old clothes that I cut into pieces, and bags of miscellaneous yarn, ribbon, and scraps from other projects all in bags under my bed. Eventually, I learned some fiber art techniques over the years. My mom gave me a magazine with an article on how to do card weaving. My cousin taught me how to crochet a chain using my fingers, wanting to learn more I bought a book. My mom used to make clothes for us when we were little. She taught me hand sewing when I was young and then in high school I bought an old sewing machine from my friends mom and learned more through a lot of trial and error. My mom tried to teach me how to knit and I didn’t quite understand it, then years later when I had my first baby, I decided to try again and suddenly everything my mom showed me made sense. I spent years knitting everything I could. 
And embroidery, my current favorite fiber art technique. This is my journal. My way of holding the memories from all the little moments in life. I used the last bit of yarn from a scarf I knit for my mom… a scrap of my child's favorite t-shirt… the old worn bed sheets… a paper fortune from a cookie at dinner… a candy wrapper left on the table… All these bits and pieces are stitched down with thread to preserve the memory. Everything we touch holds the love and energy of our lives. When I create these abstract pieces I’m able to meditate on all these memories and embed more love and positive energy into every single stitch I make. I truly believe the artwork holds the energy of the maker. So, when I make a memory piece for a friend I focus on the beauty and love they bring into the world and the importance of the fabrics they have entrusted to me. These new abstract embroidery pieces now carry the meaning and the memory of the elements they hold. 
Life is a series of moments and love is the importance of remembering. 
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