Manreet and Samraat Deol bring tactile, sensuous cast metal jewelry to NY NOW for the first time with Manifest Design


ot yet a year old, Manifest Design is the dream project of Manreet & Samraat Deol.  After long stints in New York City and New Delhi working in the studios of renowned tabletop designers, Manreet decided to settle in Pondicherry to pursue her own passion for jewelry. Samraat was ready to leave the tech-giants he had worked with. The two siblings set out together to create a company focused on authentic, trans-cultural designs that would extend the metal-smithing traditions of India.

We create timeless pieces that are thoughtfully handcrafted and possess a soul that transcends cultural boundaries.

Their gorgeous handmade ornaments start with varied, eccentric inspirations – gnarled corals, sensuous vines, bold rock sculptures, even urban art. These diverse influences come together in a unique visual vocabulary. Manreet and Samraat intend the work to be “collected and shared as mementos that rekindle forgotten dreams.“

A sense of touch adds an additional layer of intrigue and warmth. Manreet creates the original forms, which then pass into the hands of her collaborators at the forge. Their touch also creates subtle, often tender and very human, variations.

Manreet comments about the process, “Each design begins as a clay sculpture that is then cast in reclaimed brass and aluminum. Sand casting is a time consuming process in which skilled craftsmen painstakingly create a new sand mold for each and every piece. Hot metal is hand poured into each one and allowed to cool before the sand mold is broken apart to reveal the piece. These one of a kind objects are then sanded and polished. But not too much: we celebrate the little dents and nicks as the signature of entirely handcrafted product.”

Manifest Design makes its Artisan Resource® debut at Pier 94, August 16-19. For more information, visit