Knitting Bonanza

Creating jobs and baby garments
Eleven years ago, Patricia Moldonado and four other women, who had been working as colleagues in a non-profit foundation for handcrafters in Bolivia, decided to partner to form Nanay. The company was already working with one client in the United States, hosting three workshops that had 15 knitters. 
Coming to the realization that there was a great demand in the international markets for handmade products the company added more workshops that totaled to 87, consisting of 600 knitters, working with seven international brands, and becoming a Fair Trade Certified company by WFTO.  “This Social impact motivated us to look forward to keep growing in order to keep creating more jobs and fulfilling a market who looks for high quality, ecological and sustainable products. For this purpose, we have now created our private collection which will be launched at NY NOW trade show and look forward to keep growing and working to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable development goals to end poverty, Gender equality and Responsible consumption and production,” said Patricia.  
The 600 knitters that are part of Nanay are typically heads of their families and the primary income earners. The workshops are managed by lead knitters who eventually become entrepreneurs (about 90 percent of them go this route). They are provided with training in leadership, finance administration and budgets. “For ten years Nanay has provided business and the ability to earn income for hundreds of families, who have now the opportunity to send their children to school and enjoy a higher standard of living,” explained Patricia.
The company during its long tenure has made great progress expanding their reach to high-end markets across the globe and creating jobs in Bolivia, but neighboring Peru, which also exports knitted garments—mostly machine-made and at a lower price—has become competing force that’s hard to beat.
However, as part of the marketing plan to further reach out to retailers and buyers, Patricia and the Nanay team will be attending from February 3-6, NY NOW’s Artisan Resource in New York City’s Jacob Javit’s Center. Nanay will be exhibiting their private label collection for Autum Winter 2019/20 consisting of 100 percent baby alpaca hand-knitted baby and children garments and accessories. “The collection is inspired in nature coexistence.  This collection has been designed  by local designers in Bolivia and developed in joint work with the knitters who are masters in the knitting techniques.” 
To learn more about Nanay please visit  Products will be available to buyers at NY NOW and online starting February 1st for wholesalers and September 1st online and at client stores.


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