Familial Ambition

Family Business Revolutionizes Guatemalan Style
When Manuela Macario invented the hacky sack at the age of thirty-three, little did she know her company would provide sustainable employment for local artisans and revolutionize the way the world envisioned Guatemalan flair for life and style. 
The mother of twelve who grew up in poverty understood the need to utilize generations of superb craftsmanship and innovation. Twelve artisans now work from the family home and generates enough work for seventy-five other women. The women weave the tapestries used in the accessories from their communities in Solola, Quiche and Chimaltenago. Makario’s Artesans has since then shipped rich Guatemalan textiles to the US, Canada, and across Europe for over twenty years. A total of over three-hundred women benefited from the company’s success with clothing, handbags, and lovely huipil-made booties.
Rosa Macario told us more about the pride the company takes in working together as a family to fulfill a mission. “We work with families of artisans who work from home, give them the opportunity to have a more income to their homes, and promote the culture and art in their hands.
Our products are of very good quality, our line of handbags, handbags and footwear, are manufactured with 100% genuine leather, and handmade fabrics. We offer the customer variety in unique designs, and fine finishes.
Part of our work is the social impact, support we give to children of scarce resources, every year end we donate clothes, and footwear. This year we have had the opportunity to partner with a foundation that supports families with scarce resources, and it is our great pleasure to be a part of every family's dreams.”
We are to serve the customers, fulfilling their demands and quality that they wish. We are always innovating.”
Finishing touches are hand-tooled and customized at their workshop near Lake Aitlan. The family company with humble beginnings is now an international blueprint for revolutionizing craftsmanship, and aligning ethnic values with the modern marketplace. Makarios’ Artisans brings context and cultural renaissance to finely-crafted accessories, shoes, and clothing.
This exquisitely detailed product line will be exhibited for potential buyers at NY NOW’s Artisan Resource August 20-23 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.
For more information, please visit: www.makariosartisans.com.


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