Fabricated Wrinkles

Celebrating aging via textile art
I am a fiber artist and visual storyteller, piecing together personal stories, using hand embroidery and digital photo transfer techniques.
I always work from an idea. My piece, If it Wrinkles it Must be Real began years ago when my father, who owned a men’s clothing store, placed an ad in the Los Angeles Times for sear sucker and linen suits.  The title of the ad was “ If it Wrinkles it Must be Real”.  Many years later when I decided that I wanted to make a body of work celebrating aging that saying became my inspiration.  I chose to embroider the wrinkles on my face and go Big!
I began by having a professional headshot taken in black and white, but before I printed it on fabric, I needed to make a sample. I was fortunate to have a friend who owns a business that creates posters for buses.  She printed a 40x60” image of the photo on vinyl that I could mark with colored sharpie pens. 
For all my work I use a variety of photo transfer techniques, but I wanted If it Wrinkles to be printed 40x60” so I chose Spoonflower, an online printing service that has the ability to print your design on a variety of fabrics in a large format.  I chose several fabrics for the samples and finally settled on Crepe de Chine.
Once I received the photo on silk I looked at it for several weeks and decided that embroidering my wrinkles wasn’t quite enough.  Each line on my face has a story to tell, so I created a mapping legend reflecting how I got them. Joy…Guilt…Courage…Shame…Wisdom…Worry and Empathy each with it’s own story. I embroidered with silk thread; the colors of the legend coordinated with the colors of the embroidered wrinkles.  
I enjoy all the stages of creating conceptual art from the concept to the research to creating the samples the editing and finally the meditative work of embroidery. 
For more information visit www.rozritter.com.


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