Diary Entries

Patti Roberts-Pizzuto’s mixed media works

Patti Roberts-Pizzuto’s mixed media works read like diary entries. Small and intimate, these efforts seem to have been created solely for the artist herself, something not to be shared with others. But in fact, the opposite is the case, since Roberts-Pizzuto posts all her art on the blog site, Missouri Bend Studio.

Roberts-Pizzuto, who lives in southeastern South Dakota, is a prolific artist with a delicate hand. She speaks in a soft voice; her art is presented with a whisper. What is most unusual about Roberts-Pizzuto’s work is its visual range. At times the constructions are easy to interpret and accessible, while other pieces conceal intent. Her figurative works are dream-like with objects coexisting on the page, suggesting a narrative. Less straightforward are Roberts-Pizzuto’s more esoteric compositions of repetitive dashing of lines or little areas of color, which seem as if accidentally splashed on the page.

Writing about her work, Roberts-Pizzuto explains, “My works on paper proceed from the inside out, building slowly over time, through a process of mark making and layering that begins with random play. Through the continued movement of my hands, the meaning of the marks gradually becomes knowable and I begin to understand the work itself. Thoughtful decision making then unites with an intuitive kind of knowing, as the surface continues to build, creating layers of meaning that I hope serve as touchstones or cairns, markers to find our way forward and backward through time”.

This intuitive, and open-ended approach to art making is evident in each work. These constructions read fresh and vibrant, even organic. The images clearly have evolved, revealing the artist’s process in each completed piece. Roberts-Pizzuto’s art is about exploration without preconceived notions of an end point. The diversity and range of her images are the result of an orientation committed to possibilities.

Roberts-Pizzuto explores many options when she chooses media. Pencils, watercolors, threads, buttons and scraps of fabric are all part of her palette. At times, forms are clearly rendered, other times built from materials at hand.  The combinations seem entirely natural and reflect the artist’s inclusive view of the creative process. In her work, anything is possible.

Like a poet, Roberts-Pizzuto moves through her visual world. She guides and suggests to the viewer, but always leaves room for interpretation. 

To learn more, please visit http://robertspizzuto.com/home.html and her blog, http://www.missouribendstudio.blogspot.com/



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