Come Dine with Kate


Tasty Treats a la Lamb Wool

Crotchet master chef Kate Jenkins earns the highly coveted three stars for her latest delicious and delectable treats. Visitors who want a new and adventurous culinary experience are invited for a tasting of “Come Dine with Kate” starting July 2 at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery in London.

This new exhibit explores the concept of fine dining, and Jenkins’ vision of the perfect fantasy dinner party. Famous for her crocheted food, Jenkins examines food and party themes that include fine wine, the art of entertainment, and beautiful food.  Kate’s menu will feature a unique assortment to suit carnivore and vegetarians alike as well as art and crochet aficionados. According to James Green, director of the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, “Visitors to the gallery are enchanted or are amused by the humor involved, but also dumbfounded by the technical excellence of the work – it is unusual to see both reactions together.”

In addition to the varied selection of crocheted culinary treats, Jenkins has included all the elements one would need to create a perfect and chic dinner party: Elegant sequined canapés, fanciful pork and rabbit pies, and chi-chi “sewshi” to the crocheted dinnerware, the record sleeves, and the embroidered bubbly. If the show leaves visitors a bit peckish with a yen for something succulent, Green adds, “The gallery is surrounded by some of the best restaurants in London so we are sure they will do a roaring trade from visitors leaving the gallery with a good appetite!”

In 2003, Jenkin’s Cardigan label was launched, and specializes in knitted, embroidered, and crocheted accessories. Jenkins made her debut in the art world in 2007 with a series of crocheted artworks based on a “greasy spoon” menu that was the foundation of an exhibition called Comfort Food, which was later followed by Soft Smokes—an exhibit inspired by the no-smoking ban. The show featured a collection of crocheted cigarette packets, papers and matches with brand names including Sewn Vesta, Woolboro and Fluffy Strike.  Later, Kate was approached by the Art Group publishing company to create a series of greeting cards based on the crocheted food theme. She continues to work with them on a series of other projects.

For the summer 2008 Open House show, Jenkins created and exhibited Cardigan in Bloom, a celebration of nature. Her showroom was turned into a beautiful knitted garden, and featured a limited collection inspired by an old Victorian specimen: crocheted butterflies, beetles, bees, and all kinds of knitted bugs, sparkling with sequins, captured in box frames and pinned to canvas.

Jenkins first London show “Kate’s Cafe” was held in June 2009 at The Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery and was sold out. Jenkins since then has collaborated with Jon Link and Mick Bunnage the authors of Modern Toss to produce a knitted book cover that was displayed at Ink’d Gallery as part of the Modern Toss Exhibition ‘Museum of urban shitniks.

“Come Dine with Kate” will run from July 2-24, 2010 at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London. For more information, please visit