Casa Sagrada’s Shining Star


Too often, area rugs and mats are more an afterthought than a serious design consideration when decorating the interior of a home. But Casa Sagrada’s rugs take the stage; thereby becoming a luxurious centerpiece.

The handmade rugs designed by Casa Sagrada, a company co-owned by Augusto Castillo and Anna Siekavizza, are truly and completely works of art since they are made out of one-of-a-kind huipiles.

The huipil, which is a traditional square-cut blouse, is the main focus for Guatemalan artistic expression and carries great cultural significance.  Handwoven on back-strap looms using timeless techniques passed down for generations, a single garment can take anywhere from one to six months to complete. A Mayan woman’s huipil defines not only her personality and geographical location but also expresses her cultural and social sensibilities.

A huipil can transcend; thus giving it a soul.  By using textiles that have been around for generations and repurposing them, a feeling of “already having been loved” is created and emotions, the most powerful forces inside us, are invoked.  “An emotion-centered design is essential to creating a connection in people’s mind,” Augusto explains.

Casa Sagrada’s creative process involves disassembling the conventional shape of the huipiles and collectively rearranging them into a contemporary structural form. The huipil rug is a kind of book which you can read if you know the words. Nature is well represented; flowers and trees, birds and insects, animals and mountains, stars and suns, clouds and lightning.  The whole universe can in fact be found on a rich sea of huipiles.

An incredible amount of time and effort go into composing the intricate rugs, selecting the perfect colors and tying the huipiles together. “We search far and wide for the most exquisite and rare huipiles.  We honor the indigenous women by paying fair and sustainable prices for their products. We hire the most talented artisans in the country. We spare nothing to create rugs and art pieces that will always be outstanding,” says Augusto. Due to their historical value as well as the collectible nature of limited edition rugs , they are coveted by art collectors and rug aficionados alike.

For Anna and Augusto, the work they do has to express two main values in the way Casa Sagrada’s rugs are presented: they have to be truly beautiful and compelling on an aesthetic level.  They have to be made by happy hands. The fabrication of Casa Sagrada’s rugs will always make a positive impact on artisans, communities and environment.

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