Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Sometimes wrapping Christmas gifts can be a time-consuming experience, as well as costly. Try these ideas for sprucing up the look of holiday gifts, while being economical at the same time. Recipients will appreciate the creativity used to present treasured gifts.

Parcel Paper

Brown parcel paper can be a very versatile wrapping paper, and need not be boring if decorated properly. There is nothing grandparents love more than receiving gifts from their grandkids wrapped in paper covered with tiny handprints. Try rolling out a length of parcel paper on the floor and tape it down. Give kids a tray of washable craft paint, have them dip their handprints in it, and go to work. After the paint dries, kids can decorate the borders of the paper with Christmas stamps, stickers, and markers. Let the creative juices flow! This makes for beautiful wrapping paper and a nice keepsake.

Unique Gift Bags

Instead of shoving last-minute gifts in bags purchased at the dollar store, try these unique variations on gifts bags. Take a paper lunch bag and let kids decorate it with Christmas stamps, stickers, or paint. Punch holes around the perimeter of the bag and weave a brightly-colored ribbon through the holes, tying it at the top. Purchase solid-colored cloth bags at a craft store and decorate with craft paint, then use them for gift bags. Iron-on decorations can be added to fabric bags, too, and can double as a gift bag and a tote.

The idea is to create original gift bags or to use bags that can be reused. Wine bags are a great idea, being both attractive and practical. These are available at most party planning stores or liquor stores.

Quilted Paper

Instead of throwing away old Christmas cards and scraps of wrapping paper that are too small to wrap a standard-sized gift, why not recycle them? Find the stash of old Christmas cards from the previous year and remove the covers. Then attach them in one of two ways: either make holes using a hole punch and attach with ribbon, or tape the edges together. Wrap a gift box with tissue paper first, then fit the greeting card wrapping paper around the gift. Cards can be bent to fit the package ends. Add a large bow or curling ribbon, and voila! Old Christmas cards are recycled and gift-givers truly have packages to brag about.

Gift-Wrapping Party

When the holidays are fast-approaching and time is running out, it is always a good idea to enlist help in wrapping those last-minutes items. Kids are more likely to want to help if something sounds like fun, so break out the wrapping paper, make some hot chocolate, pop in a favorite Christmas movie, and have a gift-wrapping party. Make sure to have plenty of variation in wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, gift tags, and tissue paper. Have a gift-wrapping contest and give a prize to the person with the most attractive package. Make some popcorn or cookies to enjoy with a glass of hot cider while wrapping. Make it fun, and the task will go much faster.

Christmas gift wrapping need not be a tedious event! By using creative wrapping methods, gifts can truly be an expression of the heart, and boring old wrapping paper can be a thing of the past.