Chocolate Lovers’ Relaxing Bath Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are homemade presents that can be tailored for different occasions and personalities. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and even birthdays are ideal celebrations to mix the luxuries of bath time and chocolate.

A “relaxing bath” gift basket for chocolate lovers can engage all five senses. The ideas below are sweet tasting, rich smelling, soothing to the ears, warm lighted and offer luxurious feelings for those who treasure chocolate and the sound of water filling a bathroom tub. From simply purchased candy bars to homemade milk bath, plenty of chocolate items can be found and presented in a gift basket.

Relaxing Bath Treats for Chocolate Lovers

“Treats” for bath time can be anything chocolate lovers would use before, during or after sinking shoulder deep into a warm, cozy tub of water. Easy to find candy bars, scented candles and other chocolate treats can be purchased at discount stores to create inexpensive homemade presents. Chocolate soap, chocolate milk bath and even chocolate foot scrub can be purchased in department stores, specialty stores and via the internet. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are the best seasons to find pampering items for chocolate lovers.

Scented Candles for Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate scented candles add an element of fun, calmness or romance to a soothing soak in the bathtub. Flickering candlelight creates a soft setting for an extra relaxing bath experience and the smell of warm chocolate calms the senses. K-Mart, Amazon and Bath & Body Works are just a few of the retail locations and websites that offer a variety of chocolate scented candles.

Homemade Chocolate Lover’s Bath Items

Making homemade presents such as chocolaty aromatic soaks and milk baths can save money and add a special touch to a chocolate bath gift basket. Recipes for homemade chocolate milk bath and chocolate bath beads prove easy to make and pour into small clear bags, plastic bottles, glass jars or pretty boxes. A ribbon tied around a bubble bath or milk bath container in a color coordinated to match the basket theme adds presentation flair to homemade presents.

A Valentine’s Day Touch for Gift Baskets

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for a chocolate lover’s gift basket. Inside, a bottle of wine, champagne, sparkling grape juice or chocolate liquor immediately says “romance”. An aromatic chocolate bubble bath or milk bath suggests a leisurely evening in the bathtub for a special someone, especially when accompanied by a loofa or bath sponge.

Chocolate scented candles in this “romantic date” basket perfectly set the mood for a Valentine’s Day relaxing bath. A CD of Nora Jones, Barry White or favorite love tunes provides the background for a sensual soak. A single red rose can later be plucked to set petals afloat on top of bathwater.

To add color and fill in remaining space in a basket, red chocolate candy hearts or candy bars in any size send the message of love and can tantalize a sweet tooth in or out of a relaxing bathtub. Chocolate covered strawberries are the ultimate edible delight to enjoy mid-bath. A gift basket that’s homemade and personalized presents a “Happy Valentine’s Day” message that lasts for hours.

Mother’s Day Themed Gift Baskets

Moms love homemade presents and gifts that pamper on Mother’s Day. A gift basket full of chocolate lovers’ dream items meets both criteria and sends a thoughtful Mother’s Day message. Mom will know someone cares when she finds one of her favorite candy bars tucked in next to a chocolate brown bath pillow, cocoa scented candles and “mother’s milk” bath. Basket givers can also print a free Happy Mother’s Day candy bar wrapper to dress up a regular candy bar.

Adding Christmas Spirit to Gift Baskets

A canister or packets of yummy hot chocolate fills Christmas gift baskets with the message of warmth and holiday cheer. Who among chocolate lovers wouldn’t love to sip a warm cup of cocoa during after a relaxing Christmas bath soak? Store bought candy kisses, candy bars or holiday themed chocolate wrapped in shiny silver, gold, red or green reflect the holiday spirit. A Christmas tunes CD drowns out the stress of the holidays so the receiver of this gift basket can head to the tub for a Christmas breakation.

Caution: Including Both Food & Non-Food Items

When combining both edible and non-edible chocolate items in gift baskets, givers should clearly mark which items are for consumption and which items are strictly for bath water. A simple gift tag with two lists: “Treats for Your Mouth” and “Treats for Your Bath” will do. Gift givers can list appropriate items under each heading.

Chocolate lovers will drool over a basket filled with chocolate milk bath, candy bars, scented candles and other chocolate rich items for a relaxing bath experience. Personalized gift baskets large or small make great homemade presents for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and birthdays.

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