34 Cheap Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

There are a few occasions in life where people will expect you to get buy them a gift. One of them is a baby shower. After all, it is the most important and life-changing event that they want to share with you.

Luckily, there are a handful of inexpensive, cute things you can buy your friend as an early congratulations gift! The following list of cheap baby shower gift ideas covers everything from budget-friendly diaper bags to creative and unique mugs.

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1. Anti-Colic Bottle Set


If you are looking for a little something extra to get your health-conscious friends who are expecting a child soon, then buying them this anti-colic bottle might be the perfect present. The anti-colic valve inside helps prevent colic by releasing air bubbles which may cause discomfort in babies who have sensitive stomachs or colicky tendencies due to indigestion from swallowed air…

2. Soft And Comfortable Fisher-Price Floor Seat

The Fisher Price’s Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat is a perfect baby shower gift idea. It’s easy to use and comes with both a storage bag and a padded floor.

This floor seat is priced around $40 and is a great gift. It is designed to support the baby’s back and head while they play with toys or just look around. Babies can encounter many new sights and sounds while being in an upright position which will lead them through development milestones at a faster pace.


3. Bath Discovery Gift Set From Johnson


The Johnson baby skincare set for newborns is the perfect gift for any expectant mother or new mom. This classic Johnson’s Baby Skin Care set includes a gentle cream, liquid soap, wipes and more. Plus, you get to choose from 2 different sets of baby items in either white or blue.

4. Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

What do you get the expecting parents that have everything? A convertible carrier! This gift idea is perfect for soon-to-be parents. It costs about $25 and can be used for children aged six months old and up.

The Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier is the perfect gift for an expectant mother. It’s a comfortable and affordable carrier that can be used in different ways.

5. My Baby SoundSpa Lullaby Sounds And Projector

MyBaby SoundSpa is a smart sound machine, which can help your baby sleep better by playing white noise and beautiful lullabies in sync with the light projections of stars on the ceiling or wall. You have an awesome gift for under $30 that will please any family.

6. Baby Dome


This baby dome is a spacious, portable play space for your baby. It’s a great way for baby to be able to explore on their own—especially useful when you’re busy with other tasks.

7. 25- Piece Baby Healthcare And Grooming Kit

For those looking for a cheap, yet quality baby shower gift idea, you can’t do better than to go with something like this deluxe healthcare and baby grooming kit.

A deluxe healthcare and baby grooming kit is an inexpensive, practical present that new parents will love. It makes the perfect, thoughtful gift for any occasion!

8. Baby Formula Container

It’s no surprise that having a baby can be one of the most exciting moments in a woman’s life. But with all of the new responsibilities and careful planning, it can also be one of the most difficult and stressful times.

The container features a see-through window that allows you to see the contents. It holds up to either a half or a full liter of baby formula. The removable inner basket lid makes it easy to refill and clean. The formula dispenser has a locking lid to keep the contents secure and features a handle that’s easy to carry.

9. Munchkin TheraBurpee Colic and Fever Rescue Kit 

A colic and fever rescue kit is a perfect gift idea for a baby shower, it costs around $20 and can save the day when your friend’s baby is suffering from colic.

Munchkin TheraBurpee colic and fever rescue kit includes 2 packets of powder, and one cap each of the following liquid medicines: acetaminophen (5 ounces), ibuprofen (5 ounces), and phenylephrine HCL (1 ounce).


10. Baby Bedtime Twinkle Toes Plush Elephant Toy

When you are shopping for a baby shower, your budget might be very limited. A perfect example of an affordable gift would be this elephant bedtime toy.

These adorable animals are made of soft and durable fabric, so your baby will love hugging them.

11. 3 in 1 Diaper Backpack

You may think that the best baby shower gift idea is spending a fortune on a luxurious and expensive thing. This may be true for some people, but one of the best baby shower gifts you can give is an inexpensive but useful item.

Grab this three-pack today and make any new mom’s day by giving the best present they’ve ever received.

12. Munchkin Diaper Organizer

An affordable yet thoughtful baby shower gift is a diaper organizer. This low-cost item will help with organization and storage.  For mommies or daddies who are already packing their diaper bag full of essentials every time they go out, this gift is simple and perfect as it covers their valued items.

13. Stride Rite Unisex Smooth Motion Kylo Sneaker

Get creative with Stride Rite’s new baby Kylo sneaker. It features an adjustable hook-and-loop strap that’s easy to use on tiny feet.

It’s great as it doesn’t require special cleaning or drying time.  It also comes in dozens of colors and patterns that make it an attractive gift without breaking your budget.

14. Teytoy High-Contrast Early Education Book For Babies Ages 0 – 3

Babies learn best through observation and social interaction. At a very young age, they are learning how to interact with others by practicing eye contact and sharing toys. They are also exercising their body movement skills like reaching for objects

This book is designed for your little one to start building a foundation.

15. VTech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker

Great for a baby shower gift idea, the Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker by VTech will keep your little one entertained as they learn to walk. This inexpensive toy walks with them, entertains them with songs and phrases, and also introduces colors, shapes, and animals. This is a toy for your child to take step after step towards walking independently.

16. Send Your Little Baby To Sleep With A Smile In This 4 Pack Off-Shoulder Boys’ Dresses

Think about it, if she’s already expecting a boy, there are tons of adorable baby boy clothes out there – but if she has yet to find out the sex of her baby, then these off-shoulder dresses for boys and girls make a unique choice.

And with Gerber baby’s fantastic selection of boy’s off-shoulder dresses, it can be almost impossible to choose just one. These fashionable and quality dresses are available in a range of colors, styles, and sizes, meaning the receiver can take their pick.

17. Newborn Baby Footprint Kit And Frame

These days a lot of people are giving baby showers to celebrate the arrival of their new bundle of joy. That’s why we’ve put together this post sharing our thoughts on all the great items you can get for cheap! One such item is the newborn footprint kit and frame.

This item comes with cute baby footprints, with room for photographs.

18. Baby’s High-Quality Shopping Cart Cover


This cover works well on any shopping cart, including metal or plastic ones. You can grab one of these on Amazon for around $28.99.  It’s also gender-neutral.

19. The Ultimate Personalized Vetbuosa Acrylic Night Light For Mums

These acrylic night lights are inexpensive yet colorful and interesting for your child’s room. Here is a great idea as well as our top picks of the best cheap acrylic night lights. This is one of those gifts that are useful at any age especially for moms with their little ones and it’s especially needed around bedtime when you want to make the environment as calm as possible.

20. Bliss ‘N’ Baby Milestone 60″ x 40″ Blanket For Baby Girl

This baby girl Bliss ‘n’ baby milestone blanket comes in two beautiful theme options and is the perfect choice for a quick but thoughtful gift.

With this blanket, you can give a meaningful present that shows your love and support.

21. Stay Hydrated With BPA-Free Pearhead Water Bottle For The Eco-Conscious Mom

This BPA-free mom water bottle features a non-toxic coating. The bottle is available in five different styles. In addition, these bottles often come with fun covers. They’re also durable enough for parents to use daily.

22. Frida Hospital Packing Kit For Labor

This labor hospital packing kit has everything new parents will need for their hospital stay. It comes in a unique color to match the girlish heart of a new mom and features a stylish bag that contains underwear, a peri bottle, one toilet bag, 1 organizer, one perineal healing foam, four instant ice pops, and 24-pack Witch Hazel pad liners.

23. Dr. Scholl’s Soothing Women’s Spa Socks (2 Packs)

There are some occasions when it’s not a good idea to show up empty-handed, like at a baby shower. You want everyone to have the same experience of being welcomed. That’s why considering Dr. Scholl’s soothing women’s spa socks is a great idea. These socks have been designed specifically for pregnant women and new moms, and come in luxuriously soft, light hosiery.

24. Smart Design Postpartum Cynpel Peri Bottles

If you are looking for an inexpensive baby shower gift idea, consider the Cynpel peri bottle. The Peri bottle is a great way to help mom relax and ease the pain of labor.

This is a really great and cheap baby shower gift idea. Cynpel Peri Bottles are made with medical-grade silicone.  They are easy to clean, extremely soft and have leak protection as well.

25. Kindred Bravely Tulip-hem Maternity & Nursing Pajamas

It can be difficult to find a gift for a new mom nowadays. Tulip-hem maternity and nursing pajamas are just the thing she needs in order to feel great.

The color schemes are varied and will match anyone’s taste.

26. Mommy And Me Bath Time Aveeno Skin Care Solutions Gift Set


The Aveeno baby daily moisture lotion and active naturals sets are the perfect gifts for newborns and Moms. This set allows your loved ones to care for their baby’s skin without breaking the bank! Buy them this set as an inexpensive baby shower present. It’s also just a nice gesture to take care of someone else while they’re taking care of their baby.

27. Hudson Unisex Baby’s Plush Robe For 0-9 Months

A unisex baby’s plush robe provides complete coverage for your little one. The cute little animal design in red, blue, or yellow makes this item an adorable addition to your nursery. The soft cotton-knit robe comes in different colors and patterns. It is available in sizes 0 months through 9 months.

28. LaVie 2-in-1 Nursing Mom Breast Pumping Massager

The LaVie breast pump massager is capable of reducing the discomfort and stress of mothers who are pumping breast milk.  It just might make things more bearable in those hard early days, too!

29. Customized Mama’s Bear Slippers

Guests may struggle with what to buy for baby showers. They want to find something nice, something personal, and something that is going to actually be useful.

The new customized mama bear slippers are affordable and useful as a baby shower gift.

30. Vilight 4″ x 3″ Standard Ultrasound Photo Frame


This modern photo frame from Vilight is an affordable, practical decoration that’s sure to resonate well with any mom-to-be. It displays an ultrasound picture in ample style on any flat surface. Just upload your favorite ultrasound photo of your friend’s baby bump with this app and select where to position it on the frame.

31. Sheffield Home Stoneware Coffee Mug – Set Of 2

These are not like most mugs and are made from heavy-duty-stoneware to provide years of use. This is a perfect gift for any mother. The dishwasher-safe design provides convenience in cleaning up.

32. Frere Feter Flip-Up Decision Coin For Mom And Dad

As a unique baby shower gift idea for the parents-to-be, you can use this customized decision coin that can be filled with a special message. The options are endless with what you could include on the coin, making it ideal for all types of people to create and personalize. These coins come in numerous colors too.

They’re inexpensive and make for a fun game.

33. New Mama Postpartum Affirmation Cards

It’s so hard to be a new mom! You’re exhausted, hormonal, and worried about every little thing.  Fourth Trimester Mama has a perfect idea – postpartum affirmation cards.

Whether you’ve given birth to your first or fifth baby, these cards are a reminder that your story is being written one day at a time and that you’re not alone.

34. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic  Coffee Machine

There is no better way to start and end someone’s day than with a freshly brewed pot of coffee and this Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Coffee Machine is a cheap baby shower gift idea. This budget-friendly machine grinds beans quickly and evenly.

This bestseller is worth every penny and it also features an automatic power shutoff that helps save energy.